Google Play store Cant download app Error code:492

ZetachiZetachi Member Posts: 4
Since the update game has been unplayable. Would not let me update. Un-installed and still no luck. Cleared Google play store cache and data, unmounted SD card re-booted . Nothing. Can't download app


  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,448
    @Zetachi try to reinstall Google Play Store

    Reinstall Google Play Store
    Go to Settings > Apps > All
    Select Google Play Store > Uninstall Updates
    Try downloading the game again
  • ZetachiZetachi Member Posts: 4
    No luck. Everything else installs/updates fine except this game.
  • ZetachiZetachi Member Posts: 4
    Seems looking at reviews on Play store that many are having the same issues. Not updating then after un-install can't re-install. Seems like a developer issue and not Google play store issue.
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 1,939
    Try to see if your device has up to date software. If you know how, try to clear system cache as well.
  • ZetachiZetachi Member Posts: 4
    Running LG v30 with latest security patch. As I said this is the only app that is giving me issues. Every other app installs and updates as expected.
  • amberJohnsonamberJohnson Member Posts: 2
    Zetachi said:

    No luck. Everything else installs/updates fine except this game.

    Only this application has a problem? Well, the cause of this problem is related to the system error of the device. The usual methods of clearing data and caching, reinstalling the Google play store are usually effective. If Google play store error code:492 persists, it is best to take the device to a repair shop for repair or repair it yourself using a system repair tool. Here are some specific steps you can refer to
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