MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 357
I've played many rounds in the current Challenge and have not been offered the option to watch advertisements for more crates. In addition, the TV in my camp appears to be broken. CAN YOU SEND A REPAIRMAN OVER ASAP!? :wink:


  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 357
    Cool! I finally got and ad after two more rounds! :neutral:
    ONE ad, Twelve missions. :neutral:
    That's just today. :neutral:
  • SCBMASCBMA Member Posts: 2,181
    Mine keeps stopping too @MrLucky. Once I reset the ad identifier they start up again, but I have to do that several times per day today.
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,451
    @MrLucky if you are not getting ads, try the following:

    Reset Advertising ID for iOS devices,

    Go to settings, privacy, advertising, click reset ad identifier (there's a android equivalent but I can't remember it off the top of my head). Also power off your device and restart.

    For Android Devices

    Reset Advertising ID for Android devices,

    Step 1: Open Google Settings on your Android device by tapping on menu and then on Google Settings once all apps are displayed on the screen.

    Step 2: Locate and tap on the Ads menu under Services.

    Step 3: Tap on "reset advertising ID" on the new page. The page lists the current advertising ID on the same page.

    Step 4: Confirm the reset when the confirmation prompt is displayed. Once you reset the advertising ID, a new ID is displayed immediately on the same page. Since a new ID is assigned now, advertisers cannot link past actions anymore to the device if only the advertising ID was used for that.

    Not as simple as iOS but should work.

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    Mine have been working great lately but often I've had to do what @SCBMA mentioned.
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  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 357
    I'm getting ads offered here and there (about 30%)
    My TV lights up and gives videos but then says return to camp before the 4 can be played, but then turns back on later. Sometimes the timer comes on, sometimes it doesn't. :neutral:
  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 357
    Thx! I think that might have worked! :smile:
  • KratosKratos Member Posts: 294
    For the most part mine works as it should but occasionally I get to watch 1 or 2 tower ads and then it says none available. In a couple of minutes it pops back up and I get to watch the rest of them. Pretty much made it a habit that every evening I fire up my tablet I go reset the advertising ID before I load the game.
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  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 565
    Yeah, resetting the advertising ID is my "go to" for this kind of issue. Usually works, sometimes doesn't.

    I have to question why we need to though...
  • xbassmanxbassman Member Posts: 28
    This issue came back for me with the newest game update.
    I rarely get 4 vids before return to camp prompt. Without a hard reset, the game won’t give vids after challenge or other missions.

    After a reset the vid timer shows up again to complete the 4 vids offered.

    Using a fully updated iPad.
  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 565
    I've noticed this becoming more of an issue recently. Two or three ad ID's resets every couple of days at least.

    Makes no sense.
  • Daryl_DDaryl_D Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same issue after the new update.
    I have practically no ads at challenge missions and I also have the same problem in the camp and I can't see the video timer either, the same is happening to me with the other missions, no ads :(
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