New Melee Class Weapon Proposal

@Kaz @Vane have an idea for a new melee class weapon. The new weapon would be a torch (just like you always see in the movies with a wooden handle and cloth burning on the end), which has a chance (50% gold, 40% silver, 30% bronze) to light enemies on fire during a Normal Attack or Critical Hit. Any body shot would not light target on fire for example. To go along with this, ANY target that was lit on fire would automatically be stunned for that turn to prevent loads of damage to the survivor. This would be awesome to stun tank and spike walkers! Additionally, it would make melee survivors useful during increased fire damage events, which are likely heavily dominated by ranged play.

I could see all melee classes able to use this type of weapon.

Warrior attack radius for Normal/Charge Attacks would be similar to current Warrior weapons that have or lack Wide Arc trait.

Scout radius could either be like Kingdom Spear or Morgan's Staff (Bruiser weapon) for Normal/Charge Attacks.

Bruiser Normal attack radius would be like Morgan's Staff and circle for Charge Attacks.

For Charge Attacks in all classes, the targets should be lit on fire guaranteed, with 125% of Normal Attack damage.

Example traits could be:

Silver Lucky or Charging
Gold Incendiary and Razor.
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  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 1,686
    I love the idea but tend to hate burning enemies when using melee, wouldn't want to add more of them. However love the idea of being able to stun with my scouts and warriors (probably the reason it won't happen). However! I'm sure everyone remembers rick and Negans fight with the burning Lucille. Setting walkers alight left right and centre. Could see that working the way you've described above for bruisers and would look pretty epic at the same time!
  • SamstownSamstown Member Posts: 54
    I like the idea, need flaming Lucile
  • MudMoccasinMudMoccasin Member Posts: 269
    > @Samstown said:
    > I like the idea, need flaming Lucile

    Brilliant. Only downside is igniting walkers/freemen and them surviving hits from you and with them being close during their turn to attack... is that burning enemies do more damage....

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