Who's online in your Guild?

CallasCallas Member Posts: 24
Firstly, I have searched and can't seem to find any answers, so I apologise if this has been addressed elsewhere.

The green button that illuminates when another Guild member is online seems to be really hit and miss for me. Often it looks like I am the only person online, then I post something and get an instant response. I discussed this with another member once, and I didn't register as being online to her, despite that we both were online.

Anyone else seeing this?


  • Katz_Killers18Katz_Killers18 Member Posts: 194
    @Callas my situation is the opposite, I will see that someone else is online and give a shout out or question and suddenly they're gone! Not all of them, it's always the same ones, they literally NEVER chat!
    But it can be a little depressing!

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