Community Update Regarding Guild Wars and the Latest Weekend (23.2 - 24.2)

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Hi guys!

Thanks everybody for participating in the previous weekend's War. As there are some questions left unanswered, I really don't want to keep any of you uninformed about the current situation, and I would like to communicate and expand on what was going on and what is going to happen regarding it. This is why I am making this post to keep everything in the same place.

As guilds participating in Guild Wars this weekend have seen, Season 2 War 2 didn't go as smoothly as planned, unfortunately :( Overall, looking at the stability data & numbers and issues encountered by players, it was still smoother in many regards than Season 2 War 1, but some new things showed up at the same time. I am really sorry to see these things have happened and personally apologise to every player and every guild having higher expectations for Guild Wars and for us than what they've met and seen during the previous weekend. And I am very grateful to people who still participated, despite the problems that were faced.


To start off, here is a list of things that happened and had the biggest effect during the latest War:

- First few battles that happened (from 13 UTC to 16 UTC on Saturday) caused server-side issues, leading to a necessity to restart the social servers. During that time, guild menu could not be opened and players playing both Guild Wars and Challenge modes got affected, resulting in weird behaviour during missions and/or stars being accounted incorrectly. It happened on a smaller scale couple of other times during the war, but was eradicated quickly
- Some players encountered an issue that either took their key preventing them from playing one more battle per day, or scoring 0 VP for the missions they played in a battle - both equally meaning that a player could not contribute to the guild's overall progress during the War, which could easily lead to a defeat
- Leaderboard updating inconsistently, resulting in several guilds showing the incorrect score there - this was a visual problem of score display in the Leaderboard, which seems to be resolved now (but please let me know if you have some other information!)
- Game lagging or freezing during the Guild Wars overall, resulting in disconnects and app crashes
- Being matched against guilds with less than 5 players and/or guilds scoring 0 points
- A bucket of other issues, such as seeing yourself inside the missions you play, challenge stars mismatched for individual and guild score, missions and score not registering, having to play the same mission again, and others.

The overall sum up of feedback that we got so far from the tickets, social media, messages, and forums:

- Players for the most part enjoyed playing with 0 GW Gas cost, and the whole dynamic of this weekend was different than previously due to this change.
- However, different issues encountered by individual players and whole guilds could have easily spoiled the Guild Wars experience for the whole weekend.
- There is an increasing factor of burnout due to overlap of game modes - we are taking the first step by discussing the situation with the Distance with you guys, as you could have seen in the poll in the General section. There will be more updates regarding this later on!
- At the same time, many players have also encountered almost no issues or no issues at all this weekend - this is what we are hoping to achieve for every player entering Guild Wars, and iterate from that point on.

What we are doing to do and what we can do about it:

- Our developer team is now solely focusing on bringing stability and better experience for everyone playing Guild Wars. The main aim is to make next War go better than previous one.
- Unfortunately, we cannot return VP and/or keys used during this trouble, which personally saddens me the most.
- We are going to give Full Gas Booster + 2XP Booster today (27.2.19 at 13:00 UTC, can be picked up until 5.3.19 at 13.00 UTC ), as well as 500 RP to everyone who can participate in Guild Wars. We cannot unfortunately compensate individual cases, as the variety of issues encountered is quite wide.

No compensation will very likely ever be enough to compensate equally for all the problems you guys faced. So we hope that we can to some extent mitigate the encountered issues with this, even though it cannot be equally distributed for every occasion that happened :(

Overall, fixing and fine-tuning Guild Wars is our absolute number 1 priority right now, and we are working on it daily to improve everyone’s experience.


Very likely, the question that is on everyone's mind right now is: how long is this situation going to continue? The answer is: there is no exact timeline when exactly every single bug will be squashed and the experience completely smoothed out for everyone involved. From what we thought would be a smoother experience the last weekend, new issues have emerged, and we are spending all our time here working on ironing it out. I cannot give any promises regarding this, and it is not certain if some new problems can or would be encountered, but we want to make big steps in the direction of improvements every Guild Wars weekend. What I can say for sure we are doing now is, we keep working on it continuously every single day as well as on every Guild Wars weekend. And thanks so much everyone for keeping playing it and constantly providing feedback to us.

Please, feel free to discuss or ask any questions here! I will do my best to keep you updated!


  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,815
    @vane as alluded to by wellyluga does the VP/RP imbalance come under the "fixing/fine tuning" umbrella that the devs are currently working on? If it's not then that's ok I'd prefer it to work perfectly for everyone first and foremost but while you are in the working so much in the coding etc just wondered if that was happening at the same time?
  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 573
    Yeah, while I'm sure there were problems (I got the inaccessible Guild one) it was generally very good for me. I wouldn't have demanded compensation... but boosters are ALWAYS welcome

    More importantly, I didn't have an issue with opposition Guilds scoring hardly any points. 6 wins from 6 - BOOYAH!
  • biter370biter370 Member Posts: 126
    Has anyone suggested running a guild war during the week for players that cannot play on the weekend?
    I would very much like to see at least one guild wars during the week so I can play too ;-)
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,156
    I very much appreciate the update, @Vane . It's good to know that NG hears us and where they stand in working on things.

    If I may ask... I am not a tech person at all, so I don't understand programming issues. But it seems odd to me that the first season of GW worked well (didn't have any of these issues) and yet the second season is so buggy. What caused all of these bugs to crop up, when the previous version worked? Was it simply the adjustment of RP earned that caused the problem?
  • Gunny_HighwayGunny_Highway Member Posts: 219
    But the question is probably also how NG wants to solve the problem of missing VP.
    We would like to crack the 40k mark to get the next level, incl, the rewards.
    Now we are missing (and certainly not only us) a number of VP to this step.
    If the guilds can not be credited VP, you should probably consider reducing the levels or possibly completely einzampfampfen?
  • JoeSmartJoeSmart Member Posts: 255
    edited March 2019
    > @Cronus said:
    > I'm multi-lingual however this one escapes me --> einzampfampfen
    > Is that anything like covfefe?

    I can give you a similar German’s word - „einzustampfen“

    Would be translated something like: Wipe it out
  • RaekonRaekon Member Posts: 33
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    There is still a issue that is going on for two guild wars already.
    When we wipe some of the enemies and we get the message the enemy was found no enemy appears after we are out of the battle. In the first time I encountered that two wars ago, I even killed everything across all 3 available slots under enemies in a row and still the actual enemies won't show up.
    So I went to a other map that was still open and had the same issue. So I went back to the previous map and the enemies appeared.
    So it's a visual bug that won't let the enemies appear while we are still on the map.
    If we leave the map and go back though they appear again.
    It doesn't seem as a Major Problem but it is since it costs time and sometimes depending on how laggy a war is it can take several minutes and cost us Points we could use to win a war instead of losing when this happens.
    Unfortunately I'm not at home so I can't provide the screenshots I took back then so I hope you can understand the Problem through what I wrote.
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