Greetings, I came up with the idea of ​​upgrading workshop buildings to update at least 2 or 3 weapons at the same time, also to train 2 or 3 survivors, in the workshop to forge a random weapon spending xp based on the probability of taking legendary, looting missions put looting of artisan components, zombies attacking the base are 10, put more hordes of zombies, put survival missions of hordes of zombies with a prize at the end if you resist the entire horde, for 5 max characters for example.


  • TheWizEdTheWizEd Member Posts: 55
    It would be nice but impractical, at least for me. By the time I accumulate enough XP to upgrade a weapon or survivor and start upgrading, it takes a long time to accumulate enough XP to do the next due to gas. So while the upgrade is taking place I'm building up enough XP to do the next. Seems to me I would never have 2 going at the same time.
  • jandjjandj Member Posts: 3
    So I have this idea where if you are putting badges on a survivor and you start with a certain shape than in the other slots the same shapes should pop up before other shapes it would make the process of badge clearing and redoing less of a headache.... although It’s fun, we are so pressed with time do to challenges and GW and other modes... it would be nice.
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