Announcing New Changes in No Man's Land!

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Hi there!

As there are quite many things that are going to happen in No Man's Land from this week onward, this topic is an announcement listing all the changes.

Here we go!

Guild Wars News

0 Guild Wars Gas Weekend

Next Guild Wars weekend, Season 2 War 3 (March 9th - March 10th), will be again run together with 0 GW Gas consumption to play Guild Wars Missions. War on!

New Stability Update Released

We have released a new optional update yesterday to both Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. The aim of this update is to improve and stabilise Guild Wars experience. Please make sure to download the update before heading to fight your adversaries in Guild Wars this weekend, and let your guild mates know about it, too!

We hope to provide a smoother experience for Guild Wars players this time, but of course, please let us know if you encounter any issues. We really appreciate it and it helps us to find and solve issues faster.

Distance Changes

This week, thanks to a lot of great feedback from our playerbase, we are changing the schedule and rewards of the Distance mode.

What is going to change:
- The Distance will now be running for the whole week
- The Distance will have 1x free run per week and 1x paid restart per week
- The Distance will have improved and more streamlined rewards, due to those changes

How is it going to happen? There will be several stages how it is going to be implemented:
- On Wednesday (March 6th) the Distance will start together with the Challenge
- This round of the Distance will be running until Monday, March 11th, ending together with the Challenge at 13:00 UTC
- Then, there will be an hour break until the next Distance run (it will start at 14:00 UTC, Monday, March 11th)
- From that moment on, the Distance will run from Monday to Monday, with an hour break between each run

Due to the fact that this week's Distance is starting at the same time as the Challenge, the gas cost of playing Distance missions is reduced from 4 to 1 for the rest of the week.

Challenge Changes

Challenge from this week on (starting with the Challenge beginning on March 6th UTC 13:00) will also have a new change, which affects how the Challenge rounds work after level 32: three rounds are now out. Please keep in mind that the rewards for removed rounds have been adjusted accordingly, adding more resources to double rounds completed after level 32, in a way that there are no rewards lost compared to how the Challenge worked for rounds 32+ previously - the only aim of this change is to address the time it requires to play through these rounds. Saved gas for playing these rounds can also be used in other game modes to gain additional benefits.

Reward changes will be done as described in the following thread:

Please Note: no adjustments will be done to Round Passes together with this change.

Spring Quest On!

Tomorrow (06.03.19), together with the start of the Challenge at 13:00 UTC, Spring Quest will be available to all of No Man's Land players! Collect tokens and unlock new rewards, including a brand new sword for bruisers - Zweihander, as well as many others! The Spring Quest will end on April, 3rd, at 13:00. The reward claiming period will last until April 10th, at 13:00.

New Council Upgrade

New Council Upgrade will be available within 4-5 weeks in No Man's Land together with 3.2 Update - no specified date yet when it is exactly going to happen, but somewhere around that time. Players will be able to upgrade their Council building to level 25 and Heroes and Survivors to level 26. More information will be available in 3.2 Update Notes.

It is indeed a concern of many of our players, that together with the new Council Level update, items gained in the Spring Campaign, such as Zweihander, may become obsolete. Therefore, we have prepared a new addition to the world of No Man's Land, which aims to solve this dilemma...

... introducing Equipment Upgrade Token!

In the new 3.2 version of No Man's Land we are adding a special item which allows players to upgrade a level of their equipment. I.e. if the basic level of your equipment is 25 (upgradable to 28), with this token the basic level can be increased to 26 (upgradable to 29).

More specifics on how this item functions will be provided in 3.2 Update Notes! We cannot reveal more details than that for now, but in short, upgrading equipment level consumes an equipment upgrade token and some experience.

And to aid with the items gained in Spring Quest, everybody will receive an Equipment Upgrade Token as a part of version 3.2 Update Gift! 🎁

Please participate in discussion of this announcement via the link below!
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