Discussion: Announcing New Changes in No Man's Land!



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    Johnbert said:

    WellyLuga said:

    I'm okay with a 6 monthly council update, April/October, as long as they're consistent with it.

    You won't even have lvl26 survivors/gear if there's another update in 6 months :smiley: Did you see the costs?! 95 million tomatoes for all buildings, 3.11 million XP upgrading survivor from 25 to 26. Simply ridiculous.
    Yeah, we'll see about that. Since I have 20m supplies already stored it's actually 75m needed, we get 576,000 supplies a day from farms so I could get the 75m from that alone in just over 4 months. That's assuming I get no supplies from wall walkers, challenge reward crates and don't run a single supply mission. In terms of XP, I've got 12 1* survivors at level 25 to scrap due to NG's colossal round pass fiasco which gave us double XP and 5s upgrades for what seemed like an eternity :lol:
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