Not counting points - reason

ignasignas Member Posts: 368


I think I figured out why there is situation where the red points are not being counted.

If in previous battle your last battle was completed after 50 minutes ran out in next battle you will have “out of time” massage.

Hope you will be able to fix it ASAP to make GW playable.


  • ignasignas Member Posts: 368
    Screenshot from this issue

  • LargeLarge Member Posts: 19
    Now that I think about, this is exactly what happened to me before I was locked out for a full battle
  • TweetyBirdTweetyBird Member Posts: 148
    I was out of time on the previous battle too.
  • ignasignas Member Posts: 368
    That is because the system thinks you are still playing previous battle. I still did not get summary screen after my last battle and currently not able to do anything regarding GW. The screen looks like below, looks like it would like to display summary of last battle but because 1 battle from previous battle has ended after 50 minutes it’s looked with previous battle

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