Guild War issues!!!!!

I’m sorry if this is going to come out harsh, but I have been playing this game for many years now and have literally spent hundreds of dollars happily, until now. This is the 2nd post i’ve Made in regards to not getting our points and having to replay the missions over and over and still not clearing them. This last battle I had to log off twice and that costs time to me and my team. I’m now not even getting my points from the kill of another team. My entire group is having this problem. These are battles we could have one won if we had received our points..I appreciate the gas gesture but I have went thru at least 500 in gold over this weekend playing the wars that I can’t get Bk, neither can my team. Can someone please look into fixing this issue. Like I said, I’m not meaning to be rude but we are just now figuring out time slots, etc for us all to play together and thn this happens...
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