Suggestion for some real compensation we are again being compensated for no round passes with gas and XP. While I enjoyed it greatly last week while on vacation, doing it for the second week in a row is not really compensation at this point but just adding to the grind because you have to play more for it to be useful. I’m a mid level player and have the same complaints as the end players right now...

I upgraded my survivors and all the best equipment, upgraded multiple buildings...

The last weekend event was pretty awful IMO and then continuing it to mon and tues rather than having a different event was also terrible. We’ve been waiting for a component event for ages and then you have a badge removal before the event? Ridiculous.

For real compensation every player should receive a multiple epic and legendary badge fragments (2or 3 of each?)

There should also be a character crate created in the shop (THAT’S FREE), I know we’ve never had this but it shouldn’t be difficult to create since we have them in challenges. The crate would contain chance of getting 32 or greater tokens for one of the new heroes (RGG, stabby Rick, sniper Morgan, huntsman Daryl) OR 128 or greater of the highly desired other heroes like Michonne, Sasha, Abraham etc (ie no Jerry)

There should also be a weapon crate that only contains a chance of getting a highly desired specialty weapon like the winter bow, pickle jar, morgan’s Staff, etc.

I believe the fragments would feel like real compensation and the others would create some appreciation and excitement for the game rather than more grind


  • Tux77Tux77 Member Posts: 182
    All events at once until end of challenge. Plus tokens and radios.
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