Any suggestions for completing the new deadly missions?

So far, I've heard the following:
The chase: approximately 3 humans. U enter and must pass walkers and humans to get to the exit. Humans r hard to kill and cause a struggle with 1 hit.
Kill room: walkers only. However, there r so many walkers that w/o time to charge bruisers/assaults, the area can be dangerous.
What survivors would u suggest? What level survivor?


  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    im only using shooter-shooter-hunter on all challenges. a hunter is a must.. shooter, i think, is best against human enemies. human enemies don't cause struggle (why would they grab you when they got a weapon), but they cause bleeding (same thing with you causing them to bleed). What i like about my combination is that i could stay out of range while killing the enemies. And having the shooter's charge ability, i could kill human enemy in 1 turn using 1 shooter.
    For walkers, mainly i use hunter for the herd, and shooters for the nearest walkers. saving the charge ability for humans or for next wave of zombies,
    For humans, if the shooter aren't charge up yet, i use the hunter to make the first shot, and then finish them with the shooters, making the shooter charge up..
    And the most important thing, always be careful. always use 1AP at a time. who knows if there are raiders waiting in the shadow.. But most of the challenges, raider's location haven't changed. if you memorize them, you wont have any problem with them hiding in the shadow..

  • BlackWidowBlackWidow Member Posts: 268
    What level r ur survivors? Mine r level 11. Do u think they r strong enuf to survive the deadly missions? Or should I wait til I upgrade them? To what level?
  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    The kill room is really easy if you have hunter, hunter, shooter/hunter...

    Move left hunter 3 steps to left and shoot strait up, same with the right one, and the middle on just shoot anyone in the middle...

  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,747
    Hunter, hunter/shooter, assault. Do what @Helio said.
  • BlackWidowBlackWidow Member Posts: 268
    Thanks everyone for ur advice!
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