Character Customisation Beginning

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Wanted to share my idea which I think will be a really cool addition to the already high content The Walking Dead: No Man's Land mobile game!

IDEA: Lootable clothing from chests that you can equip onto the survivors to change how they look, perhaps not the heroes but random survivors.

I have an Assault class called Law which is awesome but he doesn't look very good, at all! Haha, looks like his entire legs area is being held together by duct tape, and he's wearing a bright blue high-visibility jacket, I was thinking.. ohhh, it would so be cool to loot clothing and change what he is wearing! I like the idea of having my team to be rocking that awesome military camouflage if possible, or some cool swat outfit, or to at least have the ability to make my team look even more awesome and have them matching etc :D!
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