GW suggestions

Hi all,

Does any of you find it still difficult to reach gold tier from guild wars?

I think the Master tier is still set at a range too high for guilds to reach, which is 400,000G points, why is it set so high?

I think NG should cut down the overall tier requirement to HALF of it from what it is now, because even with no gas cost from the previous wars, it’s still very hard to reach that tier for many top guilds who take GW seriously, and by the way, GW takes lots of focus and energy to play. After all these devoted hard work: First, not all guild mates participate in wars, and second, for those who does join wars, some can slack off with low score to none or have poor device that gives them slow performances end up with insufficient score. I know this part is the problems with the players, and the devices they use, so on, but I’m seeing this problem all over the place, it’s difficult to get everyone and everything perfectly aligned, so why not lower the tier requirement and increase the Reward Points gained in each mission, that make things a lot easier for players to enjoy this game mode?

Another thing, one of my guild mates is suggesting a compensation to automatically unlock all the possible tier rewards so we can exchange them directly with our RP points! Just for once is enough. This should apply to all guilds. Honestly, this part to me may be not very applicable, but I like to give it a try and ask for it. This suggestion comes from a hardcore gamer who’s able to score more than 1000points with a single key in GW, so I think I should share what he wish the officials to compensate to everyone, he knows the game very well and contributes a lot to this game!

My other guild members are asking for more keys to use per day, let’s say 4 to 6, because for people who can play, they play more, but for people who don’t, they simply just don’t take any actions, or they just don’t have the time and energy to play. Therefore I think if the keys can be distributed to this amount, it gives the chance for players who want to reach higher tier more fairness.

Hope you understand our difficulties from playing GW mode! The exchangeable rewards are nice, but we really need some adjustments in the GW system to get things “worth playing”, or else my guild mates are losing faith with the officials...Then it will become a dead war where no one willing to join! Some people are already saying it’s more worthy to directly purchase the top tier weapons and buy radios and wait for certain new heroes rather than playing the GW mode speeding as hell to gain so little RPs and Gs to exchange the rewards, it just doesn’t make sense to put so much work and so little gain, and I know some may tell me, “well, if you don’t like it, why don’t you guys just avoid it?” That’s not what I am saying! We people, our members all like TWD NML as a great game that we like to invest time and money with it, because it’s all fun to fight and win and etc, especially this added feature GW mode, it can be a lot better than it is right now if some corrections can be done!

That’s it for now, hope my words didn’t violate the forum rules...

Thanks for reading
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