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Greetings to all of our survivors and happy update! The 3.2 version of No Man's Land is full of new content and improvements.

⭐ Star Hero ⭐

Each hero is unique and offers a different playstyle through their leader trait. The new Star Hero feature gives our heroes a new chance to shine brighter than before. Star Heroes will get various improvements which may include increased stats and acting as 1 Star better for bodyshot and other combat calculations. These benefits apply in every game mode. Also, if the Star Hero is used as a leader in Guild Wars, RP and VP rewards from missions get a 15% increase.

Star Hero changes every 2 weeks (but adjustments to the schedule are possible), and the rotation of Star Heroes will include every Hero in the current roster.

⏫ Council Level Upgrade 25 ⏫

Council level 25 includes upgrades to the following buildings:

- The Training Grounds can train characters up to level 26

- The Workshop can now upgrade level 26 equipment to level 29

- The Mission Car has also gotten some new spare parts and can now be upgraded, increasing the maximum gas storage to 31

- The Craftsman building can be upgraded to level 2 allowing players to create better badges than ever before. Crafting costs and component requirements are the same as before, but newly-made Badges will be more powerful than those produced by the level 1 Craftsman building

To upgrade your Council building to level 25, Mission Car and Craftsman buildings need to be upgraded first. New maximum player level is 72.

Furthermore, Tents and Farm Plots have gotten a facelift. This change is purely visual and is applied automatically.

Reinforcement Token

The all-new Reinforcement token can be used to increase the level of Epic and Legendary equipment already at max level, allowing you to bring your favorite weapons up to speed. Equipment can be reinforced multiple times, but cannot be raised beyond the maximum equipment level in the game. For example, a weapon or piece of armor that was originally level 25, and has been upgraded to 28, can be reinforced up to level 29. Since level 29 is the highest possible equipment level at the time of the release of this update, equipment cannot be reinforced above level 29 at this time. Reinforcement tokens can be earned as rewards in events or various game modes, or purchased from the shop.

The process of Equipment Reinforcing requires some XP and time to complete. Some of the ways to obtain Reinforcement Tokens are through participating in Guild Wars and Campaigns.

New Hero: Hilltop Maggie

Leading the community is not an easy task; sometimes being a leader requires you to make tough choices. Maggie knows all about strict leadership and she is prepared to do what is needed to keep the peace. As a Shooter, she is able to take down priority targets effectively. Combined with her leader trait, Keeping the Peace, she is deadly against special walkers and human enemies.

"Keeping the Peace: Maggie has [15-42]% chance of regaining an action point after attacking non-normal walkers and human enemies. As a leader, all team members gain this bonus."

Hilltop Maggie unlocks as a Rare Hero, and will only be available as a reward in the Guild Shop. Guilds that work together to play Guild Wars will be the first to unlock and play with this new Shooter Hero!

⚔️ New Weapons ⚔️

Dragon's Tongue

A Warrior weapon that allows your survivors to adopt a completely new playstyle with a focus on powerful critical strikes. The weapon boasts a longer reach than swords and machetes, and its devastating charge attack hits every target around the survivor, making this weapon excellent choice in crowded situations.

The Dragon's Tongue will only be available as a reward in Guild Wars, so make plans to team up with your Guild to work together towards earning your Warrior's new, deadly weapon.

Bayonet Musket

Scouts have taken a page out of the Hunter's playbook and found themselves a musket which is armed with a deadly bayonet. The Bayonet Musket has the same reach as other spear-type weapons but can only hit one target at a time. The Bayonet Musket's charge attack allows Scouts to use firepower to clear multiple enemies from a distance.

The Bayonet Musket will only be available as a reward in Guild Wars. Working together with your Guild will be the best way to arm your Scouts with this powerful new option.

Additional Challenge Changes

Challenge Sets Rework

Some sets of Challenge Missions have fallen out of favor over the years, and with this update we are breathing new life into the Overrun Compound, Teeming Graveyard and Grim Suburbs Challenge sets. Look for them to appear in the Challenge in coming weeks; more Challenge set revisits will come in future updates!

💯 Weekly Top 100 Challenge 💯

We have added a new Leaderboard in which players are able to see top 100 best global & local individual Challenge scores in the current Challenge, as well as their own individual star count for the current Challenge. It is also possible to see Challenge top 100 highest scores from previous week. Can you make it to the top of the Challenge and see your name at the head of the list?

Dynamic Round Passes

Players who push further and complete extreme difficulties will earn Round Passes faster for those very high Difficulty rounds of play. This change will make it possible to reach the highest difficulty faster in following weeks, while not removing valuable early-round gameplay from the Challenge for players that focus on early-round rewards.

As always, the players that can complete more rounds at higher difficulties will get the best scores for the Challenge. During the first stages of implementation and deployment of this feature, we will see how it performs after completing more than 30 Rounds, giving users at that stage 1 Round Pass for completing 2 Rounds, instead of 3 Rounds. This will allow us to determine whether this feature works as intended, and then proceed with further balancing of Dynamic Round Passes.

This feature was found to have a functionality issue, and will be fixed for the next version 3.3.

🛠️ Other Changes 🛠️

Huntsman Daryl's Leader Trait Prowl:

- The Prowl trait has been interacting in an unforeseen manner with Whisperers, which causes the Survivor to stop their movement when Whisperers are revealed. This issue has been addressed, and the Prowling survivor should no longer be stopped early.
- Activating a Survivor's charge attack changed the way that the attacks granted by the Prowl ability had their damage calculated. With this correction, Prowl attacks will now have their damage calculated correctly.

Michonne's Leader Trait "Thinning The Herd" and Hilltop Maggie's Leader Trait "Keeping The Peace":

- A powerful new combination of effects is possible. “Keeping the Peace” and “Thinning the Herd” can work together with the charge attacks of Shooters and Warriors to allow for three attacks in the same turn under the right conditions.

Guild Wars:

- Victory Points for completing harder difficulty missions (26+) increased, increasing progressively with higher difficulties
- Reward Points for completing missions increased, compared to Season 2; PvP missions now reward more Reward Points than PvE missions
- A number of fixes aimed at improving Guild Wars stability

📢 Live Announcements 📢

Disabling Social Servers:

When the update is approaching its release date (next week), the social servers in the game will have to be disabled (only after the current Challenge ends). This will prevent players from accessing their guild - it is a necessary step for deploying new Guild Wars changes and fixes.

Guild Wars = Test Wars:

After the update 3.3 is released, we would like to test the stability of Guild Wars experience on a big scale. We are planning to hold a short mini-season with one or two Wars in it, checking whether we (and you, as players) are satisfied with the applied new fixes, before we can proceed with starting the real Season 3 of Guild Wars. Some special rewards will be available in the Guild Shop during the Test Wars, so participating there will net you some benefits (NB: new weapons and Hilltop Maggie tokens will be obtainable through Guild Wars only once the real Season 3 starts).

More information about Test Wars will be available some time after version 3.2 is Live.

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