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I got this one pink: Punish/retaliate/Iron skin/lucky/power strike
and just now got this one: iron skin/ punish/ retalite/ strong/ ruthless.

Should I invest in the second one? how is the first one?

and what about the scout: strong/ruthless/powerstrike/lucky/retailate? dont really have much DR badges to give him.


  • CronusCronus Member Posts: 1,084
    Your first bruiser is fine with the big 3: lucky/punish/retaliate. Iron skin is pretty important if you don't have the badges to get to 80% damage reduction without it. Would take dodge over power strike however no reason not to keep investing in this one.

    Your bruiser with strong/ruthless has good traits for carrying the new sword so you'd need to badge for an offensive bruiser. Unless you plan on using the sword a lot and making that your primary bruiser (I highly recommend against this) I'd invest tokens into your first bruiser and hold this one.

    For the scout lucky/ruthless/strong/powers trike make a really good offensive combination (this is what Survivalist Rick has). Retaliate is more of a defensive trait but still sits well in this combination. No reason to not invest in the scout long term. Keep in mind that Stabby Rick will always be preferred to this scout and would be a good 2nd.

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    Agree with the above. Bruiser 1 over bruiser 2 although I would maybe hold my tokens for now. It is relatively easy to get a bruiser to 6* as a base but to me, dodge is as important as retaliate/punish for high level challenge play. I have an 8* bruiser with 'unicorn' traits and she can take so many more hits than Glenn because of it. With lucky and dodge x2 she has nearly 50% dodge chances, which means reducing a hit from 250% down to 100% at high level. So I would suggest to maybe bump it up to 6* and wait for something with dodge/retaliate/punish.

    I have a scout with almost the same traits as yours only iron skin in place of retaliate, I have her badged up for pure damage. Iron skin is equally as useless to me as retaliate would be for you. Save your DR badges for Gabriel if you're wanting a defensive minded scout.
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