Update 3.2 - CraftsmanLvl 2 update

ambienceambience Member Posts: 100
There's a planned Lvl 2 update to Craftsman in the next release.
Rather than having "better badges" from a Craftsman update, how about Lvl 2 Craftsman creates badges that can be placed in any position, but are limited to a Set (A,B,C, etc). Then, at some later date, a Lvl 3 Craftsman creates badges that can be placed in any position AND in any set?
That way, we don't end up feeling dissatisfied with our existing badges, and we also feel that the upgrade to Lvl 2 actually serves some benefit.

One of the most frustrating things about badge creation is not having anywhere to put the badge - especially if you've been saving up Leg Frag and Components over many weeks.
I would look forward to a Lvl 2 Craftsman if it gave me more flexibility - but I don't feel that excited about the idea of better badges UNLESS these are badges with completely new traits.
And, if Lvl 3 was even more flexible, then I'd look forward to another upgrade, knowing that the badges I've taken so long to craft aren't going to end up trashed.


  • mcbkhicksmcbkhicks Member Posts: 686
    Yea thats a good idea
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