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Guild Wars Shoutcast begins at around 25:30

I recorded some in-game footage and once I realised I was too low level to do anything more, I moved forth to shoutcast the game as best as possible, during this time I was thinking how cool it would be to view the actual fights/battles of the guldies currently fighting, to enhance a shoutcast experience, or to make it more enjoyable for the rest of the guild to simply view and witness the guild wars. Not sure if this would be difficult to implement or not, however, I had to suggest it, I think it would be a great addition to the game. I'll be looking at doing some more recordings and possibly live streams on YouTube of this type of event, especially the guild wars as it can last around 45 minutes easily.

IDEA: Implement the ability to view/watch the guild wars from a spectators point of view. To be able to watch your own guildies fighting through the missions progressing forward. As oppose to simply watching the boxes turn orange when the enemy is found, or watching the numbers change in the battle stats.

I love this idea!
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