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    Nezo said:

    My concern is the message from support via my ticket says the issue affected those who played between 12:00-12:30 UTC (as does @Vane 's original post when this thread shows that clearly wasn't the case.

    I didn't start until closer to 1:00 UTC and I didn't get passes. I don't have a great deal of confidence the ball won't be dropped (again) here.

    I have the same concern. While I logged in around 12:00 UTC to check farms & such I did not open challenge screen until around 9:00 UTC but still lost my round passes. The in game news & the message posted here are not entirely true but it is the same message I received from support in response to my ticket & screenshot.

    Will I be compensated or because mine didn't screw up till 9 hours later I am out of luck. Guess it will depend on how deep they look into this. Are they just looking for those playing the challenge from 12:00-12:30 UTC or will they look at the whole database of players to see who was screwed?

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  • Tux77Tux77 Member Posts: 266
    I guess you can look at it one of two ways.

    1. All the bugs they can’t fix will allow players to get a free booster a week until they leave the game
    2. They didn’t even provide lube
  • VaneVane Community Manager Posts: 228
    Hey guys, I am really sorry that this is not the optimal solution for the ones who got affected by this issue, compared to what you were looking for :(

    I really do myself want to help every affected person more with this, and us as a community in general to have a better experience, even if something goes not according to how it is intended to work. Slur and posting pictures of NG staff (again) wouldn't help us all so much. Let's try to work together and focus on a better way to formulate the expectations from the players, that can be brought on the table from the players' side for the consideration, which would also help with bringing reasonable arguments to the company. Perhaps there is also still time before it is sent out. So let's try to have a look together, and please feel free to complete any gaps I left.

    So first, before we take any steps further, we have to understand what exactly is lost here, right? To realise what do we want to happen further. Right now from all the players affected we are looking at maximum 5 RP lost per person for the start of the next Challenge. This means extra 5 rounds of play in the early level spectrum in the next Challenge. If we consider gas, and let's say we use 6 gas per mission, it would be 6 gas * 6 missions per round * 5 rounds = 180 gas. In terms of lost time, it of course varies individually per person; 30 extra missions of play is what we are talking about here; if we take 2 minutes roughly per mission (higher than average mission completion time in NML), we would end up with around an hour of time.

    When it comes to stars, the star difference between 10 RP and 15 RP would be 63 stars delta for all missions completed on 3 stars, if I am counting it correctly. This means one, or in some cases 2 extra rewards, for people with 5 RP lost, and less stars for others. It also can have an effect on the competitive side: intra-guild or competition between guilds and such. Unfortunately, I cannot do much to help with the stars to be returned - but instead, we could maybe think how it would be better to approach this area, if gas/xp don't cover it?

    I also made a table with 10 RP to 15 RP comparison, showing the rounds, skipped rounds, and star comparison. If something is missing, please let me know, I can rework it!

    Now, the next step, after looking at what has happened and what was lost, we can continue on what could be done. We need to keep in mind that whatever approach is taken, it also has to be something realistic and doable (adding stars and RP is unfortunately not doable, for example, but at least adding RPs is something I really want to see change in the future). Something like 1.5k gold or full supplies is very difficult to articulate to be equated to several rounds and several tens of stars lost from my side as well, I am afraid (unless you can describe how it is a reasonable thing to do), so it is quite unlikely that something of that scale could be done.

    Another downside is that anyone who did not get affected by this would get a massive disadvantage compared to the people who did, which is something that has to be considered, too. Yes, I can't return the time back for playing those rounds and several stars that would be lost due to it, sadly. I totally understand that it is a fuck up on NG's side, but we have to also be reasonable in understanding what we are looking for here. I understand that many players here mentioned that they don't want to see any boosters and that the expectation is that it has to be managed somehow around that and avoiding that, but the case on the other side of the fence is that for every person who doesn't want to see it, there is also a person who does, being able to take more advantage from boosters compared to having Round Passes.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to sugar-coat or justify it. I am trying to find a common view for us all on how it could be solved better, and trying to look at it from the bigger picture and how feedback can be better incorporated for such cases. Of course I can't make every person happy, no matter what is done, even sending 1000 gold would not probably make people happy who expect to see 1500 or 2000 gold - but this is not something that can realistically be done in a situation like this, no matter what I do. I just want to make sure that we are also matching and assessing the situation correctly, both from players side and from NG's side, being in the middle of it.

    So please feel free to provide more feedback, both on these statements and on the situation in general, from how it could be improved or if some other approach could be taken, or the situation managed better (considering that it already happened) - I am always ready to listen and help, but I can't promise anyone mountains of gold :( I am afraid we can't really solve this with negativity (which I understand it easily creates a lot); as long as it is also backed up with the background of the case, it helps me to make it a clear position how this case particularly affects the player and what could be done and improved. Thanks!
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    as a protest you do not use the gas that will be given to you next week
  • KratosKratos Member Posts: 414
    Vane said:


    Just received more information regarding this from player support and analytics.

    The maximum number of Round Passes lost for the next week is 5 (40 players). Other players have lost from 1 to 4 Round Passes due to this issue.

    The compensation will be given out only to affected players at the start of the next Challenge (April 10, around 12.00 UTC). The affected players will receive 24h Gas + XP booster or 48h Gas + XP booster, based on the number of Round Passes lost (24h: 1-2 RP lost, 48h: 3+ RP lost).

    I'm very sorry again for the ones that got affected by it.

    @Vane can you clarify on this a bit?

    Last week I finished 32.1 which is good for 8 RP. This week while I technically only lost 2.66 RP and started on 24.2 the count will throw me off and if I finish 32.1 again I will end with only 5 RP. That is 3 short of usual so I should qualify for the 48hr compensation.

    Is it going to be the beginning count or where I end that dictates the amount of booster we receive?
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  • RoadRashRoadRash Member Posts: 180
    I'm leaving the game over these issues 3 years.

    Lessons learned in pain are the ones most often remembered,so if me and players like me who #1 help generate ad reveneue #2 spend money on the game to buy minimum 5 to 6 weapons every time hero levels are raised leave then perhaps their will be more fixing of issues and less aplogizing.
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    Sooooo you're saying a good public (live streamed) flogging is out of the question?

    Well Dammit.

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  • Tux77Tux77 Member Posts: 266
    @Vane Thanks for trying but to say that players who were not effected will be at a disadvantage if you give some gold is a joke. The players that were not effected will score higher next week and get better individual prizes in the challenge. It’s just a joke at this point. If you want to make it truly fair then take all round passes away for good because this appears to be an issue that NG can’t fix.
  • pirate1125pirate1125 Member Posts: 362
    Lol at the crying about people being negative about this. Theres 3 pages of people saying no xp and gas. You wait 2 days to come back with xp and gas. What do you expect? People to be happy about it? If you don't want people to be negative, quit screwing up over and over

    This is 3 times this has happened everyone is highly pissed off and you come back with exactly what we told you we didnt want. Come on. Supplies or gold would be alot more useful.

    At this point I'm using xp to upgrade stuff to scrap later when I get full, dont need anymore. Dont even need the xp booster from the update gift
  • BilldingerBilldinger Member Posts: 325
    @Vane You are in a tough spot...I get it...but this is unreal again. We already know Guild Wars will be jacked up ahead of time, so what is left to play for? Our Challenge missions are jacked...(I lost 9 Round Passes this week). All is left is to buy boosters to try to scavenge unrealistic numbers of tomatoes. It's just too much anymore, NG. Shame on you for allowing this game to wind up in this condition.
  • and98and98 Member Posts: 121
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,162
    @Vane I honestly think that @JayZ’s idea is spot on, although I would say that you should also include the choice of the booster compensation too. That way you can give the affected people a choice of all 3 in how to be compensated.
    I agree NG are having a very blinkered idea of what they are compensating for. Not only for what we miss out on next week but what effort we put in to get to those round passes. Why will people bother pushing themselves over and over again just to have them removed once more and told sorry try again.
    First time was painful and many worked so hard to get back to where they were then lost them all again! Then we have one week working correctly so push again to have them reduced the following week. XP booster compensation for those at end game waiting to go 26 isn’t just ridiculous it’s insulting. You mentioned that it may be possible to change it. Please do and give us some chance to feel like we can trust you again.
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,198
    Absolutely spot on! @JayZ

    Except for the part where you said you could scavenge 15m supplies from 150 gas... that breaks down into 30 scavenge missions at 500k a pop. Do you know something I don't? :wink:
  • Killdozer187_Killdozer187_ Member Posts: 734
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    I've lost faith that anything will ever run smooth in this game again. It's time for my exit since support doesn't seem to value me as a paying customer either. You can keep the grind passes and "FREE" boosters.

    It's time > @Vane said: You're right about that!

    > I'm very sorry again for the ones that got affected by it. Oh yeah, I'm sure you're all broken up lol

    Well... That's too bad. I thought maybe just maybe you'd use your imagination Next Games

    Bye, you just lost another top global whale.

    I'm VERY SORRY if you don't like my criticism of your shit business model!
  • PicPic Member Posts: 1,061
    It's kinda a no brainer for high level players.
    I suggest talking to some of them before continuing to give out this compensation for screwing up RPs.
    These ladies/Gents spend gold and time to get that one last RP to help them out the following week. I know some that drop 20$ in gold to get one more rp. Handing out a gas booster (Which I thank you, this isn't a shit on NG post) is just not the right compensation. Maybe giving them the gold back that they used to get the rps to begin with could be one heck of a start.
    I appreciate you taking the time to give out anything for the screw up. 1 yeah cool 2 kind of counter productive.. 3rd why not hand em the gold back? This is the 4th time since I've been playing that this has happened. Fix it or give some gold back.
  • and98and98 Member Posts: 121
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    compensation of full supplies seems to be unfair to anyone who has not been affected, If it is only given to those who have been affected. @Vane
  • Teh_DaminTeh_Damin Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 16

    Your analysis makes sense from your perspective, but if you put yourself in our shoes, people who are continously disappointed and tired of recent mistakes it does not work like this.

    You should follow @JayZ 's idea of how solve current situation. This is the constructive feedback you asked for. Again, I do not speak for the people who just come and expect God knows what and compare NG's employees to whatever. So it'd be wise to leave them be or whatever.

    Hope it gets in a better way this time, but again... It's Friday 3pm so prolly nothing's gonna change, and people's anger will go low over the weekend, so that on Monday everyone will just say "Oh, fuck it"
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,740
    @WellyLuga well... perhaps that was a bit of an exaggeration. But thinking about it this way: if 30 missions take about 1.5-2 hours, I know I could come close to scavenging 15M supplies if I were to buy a gas booster for myself and grind it out with Governor and two Scouts. So even if the gas doesn’t directly translate, the time certainly does.
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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,198

    I know, I was just trying to add a light hearted comment during these dark times :lol:. 15m for 2 hours is good though, I was averaging 4m an hour when playing 100%!
  • Killdozer187_Killdozer187_ Member Posts: 734
    > @Pic said:
    > It's kinda a no brainer for high level players.
    > I suggest talking to some of them before continuing to give out this compensation for screwing up RPs.
    > These ladies/Gents spend gold and time to get that one last RP to help them out the following week. I know some that drop 20$ in gold to get one more rp. Handing out a gas booster (Which I thank you, this isn't a shit on NG post) is just not the right compensation. Maybe giving them the gold back that they used to get the rps to begin with could be one heck of a start.
    > I appreciate you taking the time to give out anything for the screw up. 1 yeah cool 2 kind of counter productive.. 3rd why not hand em the gold back? This is the 4th time since I've been playing that this has happened. Fix it or give some gold back.

    Next Games doesn't care. People need to realize that the mid pack will be soon be elite and so on.

    It's a cycle, so they could care less about losing a few max accts when there's 10 more in the pipeline ready to make up the shortfall while suffering from the same excuses and apologies.

    They've been clear on how they value player retention.

    New player acquisition is obviously cheaper in NG land.
    I'm sure they have suits with calculators adding up the $ +/-

    As shitty as it is, it really is a genius no holds barred business model so i have to respect it to a certain extent.

    I choose to no longer participate. It's that simple. They had 1 final chance to make it right and they failed.
  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 573
    I like what Jay Z said, although I very much doubt anyone missing 1 or 2 passes spent gold in the previous week. I'd start the gold at 3 or 4 passes. The idea is solid (if it were to happen again) but we know NG has some issues with distributing compensation this way.
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