Test Wars - This Weekend! (April 6 - April 7)

VaneVane Community Manager Posts: 205
Hi there!

Planned Test Wars, to check the stability of new Guild Wars fixes, will be held during this weekend (April 6 - April 7)!

More information regarding the rewards and the format of this War and will be available within the next 2 days!

Again, this Test War will have 0 Guild Wars gas cost for playing Guild Wars missions!

Season end timer of the current Season 2 is postponed to April 5th (Friday) to give more time for people to claim the rewards, due to 3.2 update being released in the middle of this week.

Please feel free to play this at your own leisure during this weekend, we very much appreciate your help with running it together with us!


  • DeadheadsDeadheads Member Posts: 603
    Do we need to do anything special for this or play GW as usual?
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,201
    I really want to praise you guys, but I'm in total disbelief.

    Improve please.
    Mavericks Guild Family
  • UrbanjesusUrbanjesus Member Posts: 101
    What kinda rewards we looking for? Any hints? *Cough cough hilltopMaggie*
  • biter370biter370 Member Posts: 118
    @Vane still no extended GW through Monday 🥺
  • UrbanjesusUrbanjesus Member Posts: 101
    @vane come on what kinda rewards for the test war?! I'm on the edge of my seat
  • ignasignas Member Posts: 311
    @Urbanjesus you can see them already in guild shop
  • UrbanjesusUrbanjesus Member Posts: 101
    I mean, I guess those rewards are cool. I like the variety but couldn't we have had some Hilltop Maggie tokens in there
  • EbonySouthparkEbonySouthpark Member Posts: 1
    @vane when I find an enemy in a spot that is labeled for level 22(for instance) why are the freeman coming out at 25 or 26? This doesn’t always happen but often enough that it’s frustrating. Is this right?
  • haaron10haaron10 Member Posts: 1
    I just completed 2 battles in Junkyard Central, immediately found the enemy both times, completed those and then it didn't show that I completed them or defeated the enemy. This has happened to me every time I have played in Guild Wars.
  • NommaeNommae Member Posts: 32
    Anyone know which of the rewards have special functionality? For some reason clicking them doesn't pop up the preview which I'm guessing is a bug.
  • fishyfishy Member Posts: 23
    Nommae said:

    Anyone know which of the rewards have special functionality? For some reason clicking them doesn't pop up the preview which I'm guessing is a bug.

    If you tap as if to purchase, the traits etc show up. You can then cancel the purchase.
  • PostponyPostpony Member Posts: 4
    Draw? The scores do not add up to a draw! 38 minutes of battle wasted because of a bug that can do add numbers. What a bummer!
  • PostponyPostpony Member Posts: 4
    Your computer Can not add scores correctly. What are you guys using a second grader?
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,163
    My last key has been used and I just wanted to share that this is why I play NML. I love Guild Wars! Love. It. It’s exciting and fun, team building and bonding and my test weekend brought all of that back. Only 1 kick out of the game but quickly recovered. 6 keys used a little bit of gold and multiple combos of survivors and heroes and time, some victories and a few losses and it’s completely worth it all. You’re on the right path with this NG. It’s closer to being flawless. I’m looking forward to the new season!

  • SCBMASCBMA Member Posts: 2,181
    This war weekend was my best experience to date being almost trouble free. I didn’t lose any keys this weekend so am very happy that has been fixed. <3
  • RissaRissa Member Posts: 46
    6+ players on line and ready to fight. 6-ish minutes prior to the battle, nada. We all got booted and no War.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 2,465
    edited April 8
    I did have one interesting fight.

    I went into a normal (non boss) mission, goal was "get to the exit"

    I ran through walkers toward the exit and found human enemies waiting.

    Surprised, I killed them, then still had to open the gate and get to exit.

    Very odd, but still fun. ;-)

    Edit: after mission it said "enemy found" but the area was completed when it loaded.
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  • and98and98 Member Posts: 120
    Will we have another test on gw this week? @Vane
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,201
    Looking forward to the end of GWs and for peace and enjoyment to come back to the game.
    Mavericks Guild Family
  • mack22mack22 Member Posts: 1,124

    Looking forward to the end of GWs and for peace and enjoyment to come back to the game.

    1 distance per week was a step in the right direction and the guild wars definitely needs some tweaking.

    Let's make NML great again.
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 608
    @Vane are we going to have a season 3 GW or another stablity test?
  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 565
    Probably a good idea to change this thread title or unpin it...
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