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When doing a mission, it would be cool to have the option to enable/disable a characters auto-attack, reason for this is as follows:

Let's say one of my characters is low health, gets hit by a walker and is now literally 1 hit away from being killed, which in turns makes me lose the mission. If I was able to disable the auto-attack, it would be fine, on the next move, I'd simply move the character away to safety. However, with auto-attack enabled, the character hits the walker back, killing it, which then brings in a second walker which was positioned right behind the first one, meaning my character takes another hit, and dies.

By adding the option to enable/disable auto-attacks of all 3 characters individually would make the game and fight squeals more in-depth, by default, the auto-attack would be on for those who simply want to play as it is, but having the option would benefit those who are trying to be tactical.


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    If you mean attacking whilst in overwatch, all you need to do is use up all AP before ending your turn and you won't attack unless via retaliate or punish.

    I don't understand how your method would help you win exactly however. If you're one hit away from being killed, I would suggest using tactical / swift strike to make a quick exit.

    Edit: I clearly skimmed the post as opposed to fully reading. I still think the system is set up in a way where there are workarounds for the most part. Spacing plays a major part in strategy as does damage reduction, meat shielding etc.
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    I get your point Lasher and this definitely happens from time to time, especially in the Distance. For me it's not so much overwatch but rather revenge/retaliate that causes this. However, looking at the big picture I like the simple system now in use. Since if this would be fixed, they should also change:
    - allowing you to decide exactly how to move
    - allowing you to decide which enemy to attack in overwatch/retaliate/punish
    - allowing you to fire on empty spaces with assault weapons to hit enemies at both sides of the cone even if there isn't anyone in the middle

    And probably some other things I didn't remember now.
  • LasherLasher Member Posts: 19
    @Dbl_Edge_DEP Being tactical and careful can only do so much, in a lot of missions, it's impossible to not take a hit, especially when you're attempting the higher level ones, ones where the walkers can take multiple hits to die. I've literally lost missions on the last turn specifically because my survivor auto-attacked a walker which brought in a second walker and that's the walker that killed my survivor - game over. I had positioned my low health of three low health survivors in such a way where I could take one more hit and then escape, but not two hits. So.. I think the option would be useful.

    @Burmeliinis I understand your point of view too. The simplicity is decent, makes things fun and quick. However, implementing new game mechanics I think would be cool and interesting, especially given the example already mentioned above. I actually like your added ideas too if I'm honest. Being able to choose the exact path to run as oppose to the straight line or curved line which sometimes isn't useful when trying to avoid those walker pits on the ground which when triggered release a heavy walker. And agreed, it's not the overwatch that's causing the issue, it's the traits of the characters themselves, would be nice to have the option to disable a trait, specifically the auto-attack ones, they can be game losing. And I thought the same regarding the assault cone too, although that's probably another discussion.
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