Guild Wars - Reward Weapons

DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 573
Just looking for some opinions on the recent GW reward weapons. I should be able to claim 2 of them at lv26 before the window closes and current thoughts (as a 1100-1300 star per challenge player) are:

- The Reckonin. As far as I can tell, some good traits (barring pen and lethal) and the useful ability to set multiple targets on fire when charged. Downside is that it doesn't stun (I think?) and like the pickle jar, the 9 square AoE is trickier to use than a spread cone from a regular assault weapon. Basically, looks good for Distance...

- Golden Incendiary Rile. Looks nice, but traits seem to be the same as you'd find on a regular rifle. Is there a special ability on this? Assume the incendiary + luck combo makes it a pretty sure thing in terms of setting on fire.

- Flare Gun: Pretty much my only 'must have' as setting things on fire with a charged shooter is sexy as hell - especially with a nice bit of high powered. Can't really see a downside of this weapon.

- Bloody Lucille: Looks great. Concussion + lucky is nice, and obviously razor is the sex. Seems to be a top tier Bruiser weapon (if you use Bruisers much, which as a 1100-1300 star player I don't)

- Red Machete: Fast charging + wide arc + lethal seems like a very nice combo. Not sure if there's any specific downside, but depends on how much you value 'Charging' as a trait for Warriors. I'm not sure how useful it is but then again, I don't tend to run the stealth teams needed at the highest level.

So I'm thinking Flare Gun for sure, and torn on the others. Is there a choice that really stands out in your opinion?


  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    You’re right the Flare GUN is a must and i bought it. And the Bloody Lucille bc it looks cool and has silver Lucky. And my next is the Golden Rifle as soon as my hunter finish upgrading 💪. Rest of the RP goes to Rick’s, Daryl’s & Michonne’s
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