Still no compensation for round passes

BaksdirtydozenBaksdirtydozen Member Posts: 43
@Vane this weeks challenge has now began and I'm still down round passes from last weeks challenge which you said would be addressed and sorted with some sort of compensation before this weeks challenge starts for people effected?? What's happening with that??


  • VaneVane Community Manager Posts: 228
    As mentioned in another thread, it is getting sent out right now, in batches. Should be there soon :)
  • BaksdirtydozenBaksdirtydozen Member Posts: 43
    Ok no probs,thanks for the quick response.
  • BaksdirtydozenBaksdirtydozen Member Posts: 43
    @vane fair play to you guys credit where it's due as I said above quick response which was appreciated plus a few minutes later I recieved the gas and XP messing about! Apologies for maybe jumping the gun abit your guys clearly had that one well in thanks again.
  • tpab7tpab7 Member Posts: 17
    Dose it take so long or do i have to activate something?

    Thank you
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