Re Badging - Heroes or Toons

So I've just de-badged everything over the weekend, and am beginning the arduous task of reassigning my badges out.

The key question is who to give my best Leg/Epic badges to ?

I have 6 toons, one for each class, all with 2 pink stars each, not really close to 3 stars yet. I play mainly challenge missions, so I'm minded to give them priority, along with a couple of heroes with one pink star. (Daryl, Jesus & Rosita)

Is this the right strategy, or should I also be looking at Survivalist Rick and Aaron who I can see the benefit of, but are well away from reaching pink.

Looks like a balance between their traits and earlier body shots ? Any thoughts ?


  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,030
    If you got them at legendary, I would definitely prefer them over old Daryl or Rosita (I barely use her to be honest).

    Rick is great even at epic. Aaron is okay at epic.

    I think that especially Rick can help you a lot in challenges. Also, melee with razor weapons top ranged in most cases.

    Overall, I would say it depends on your survivors/heroes, and on the badges you have.
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  • CronusCronus Member Posts: 1,083
    If you said to me "you'll be playing totally random maps and will have no knowledge if there are spawns, fatties, armored or freemen going into those maps and you have to choose 3 survivors without being able to change" I'd choose (not in order):

    Stabby Rick (mine is 1 pink with 2/5 traits upgraded)
    Michonne (mine is 2 pink with 3/5 traits upgraded)
    Punishing Bruiser (mine is 3 pink with 2/5 traits upgraded)

    My RGG is 1 pink however if he was 2 pink I'd take him in place of my 3 pink bruiser.
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