GutsAndGlory has achieved a new milestone 2.000.000 stars !!!

Congratulations to all our players from GutsAndGlory for reaching this milestone, 2.000.000 challenging stars.
On to the next million stars.

Looking for a friendly international guild, Top 50 in challenge / Guild wars global
Join us now : forum @mcjack44 / Line ID mcjack44

Or you can use this link to easy and direct join our GutsAndGlory II guild,



  • PandreqPandreq Member Posts: 179
    Congratulations to you all, great work 👍🏻
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  • MacVMacV Member Posts: 122
    So proud to play the game with this awesome guild!
    MacV (Guts and Glory)
    "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." Tolstoy
  • DeathSnugglesDeathSnuggles Member Posts: 1
    With a guild description of "let's spill some guts & share the glory", how could I not join? Awesome to be part of this bloody glorious achievement!
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 5,437
    Congrats! :)
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  • PicPic Member Posts: 587
    Congratulations GNG!
  • CrowTRobotCrowTRobot Member Posts: 69

  • afroponixafroponix Member Posts: 496
    Woot woot! Guts and Glory, represent!!!
    Guts & Glory, not always in that order.
  • afroponixafroponix Member Posts: 496
    Ad astra per aspera!
    Guts & Glory, not always in that order.
  • afroponixafroponix Member Posts: 496
    Gotta add, I’ve never been in a guild as much as a family as this one! Plus they have extensive extended family as well!
    Guts & Glory, not always in that order.
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