Timing on guild wars doesn't work globally

Hoping the developers will take into account the different time zones issues with guild wars are apparent when you are in located in a different country to other guild members which results in never having other guild members to join a war so rarely being able to compete. The guilds themselves should show in registeration the country the leader is located in to help assist with selecting guilds to join these problems are made worse by the short opening window of half an hour I get that you are rewarded for participation but needs to accomodate for international players outside the us.


  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,425
    Guild wars runs 1 every hour for 40 hours straight I'm not really sure what more NG can do about it. You either need to find a new guild with ppl with the similar time zones or be dedicated like myself and stay up until like 2am and wake at 6am so you can compete in all 6 battles
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