No Guild Wars during the upcoming Easter weekend!

VaneVane Community Manager Posts: 204
Hi everyone!

To let you know regarding the upcoming weekend:

Guild Wars will not be running during the upcoming Easter weekend (April 20 - April 21).

Tomorrow, there will be a new announcement regarding the Guild Wars, once we finalise some more information to be ready for public release. I cannot comment more than that for now, but more news will shared tomorrow!


  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 239
    Thanks @vane will help take a load off people still farming tomatoes for upgrades!
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  • RenopwnsRenopwns Member Posts: 94
    Thank you @Vane, we just had a couple members leave so we need some time to recruit and fill up those spots. We're arming up and going back to war!!
  • UrbanjesusUrbanjesus Member Posts: 93
    Lame! I was excited to unlock the new Maggie and now we're pushing back guild wars. Shame, hopefully NG gives some compensation
  • RealClareBRealClareB Member Posts: 128
    edited April 17
    Glad it's not this weekend. I left my Guild this week after 2 years and am enjoying the lack of stress and commitment required (and I'm only a c1000 player). I will probably find another guild in the next week or so (as I do enjoy GW), but am currently enjoying my freedom!
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  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 560
    Just an idea @Vane but maybe some of the older threads could be unpinned.
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