Guild Wars Temporarily Postponed



  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,193

    @TransmuteJun it seemed that the big issues really kicked in with the changes to gas use as GW went from being a somewhat strategic use of resources to a manic race to the finish.

    No, the beginning of the second war had limited gas use just like the first war. It was only after it got buggy that they changed it to 0 gas cost.
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    If we are guessing issues then mine would be that it was reducing the amount of people needed to battle. Thus allowing more battles to be played and that would have put a hell of a lot more strain on the servers!
  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 117
    Firekid said:

    If we are guessing issues then mine would be that it was reducing the amount of people needed to battle. Thus allowing more battles to be played and that would have put a hell of a lot more strain on the servers!

    Fully agree. It was hard to join matches with the higher thresholds, but it was something we looked forward to, and tried to organise as a guild. In a way, larger team requirements meant more guild prep was needed before the guild war weekends.
    I know a lot of us asked for fewer players for a battle to commence, and I was one of those advocates, but I now realise I was wrong. Let's increase the team size required, and over time reduce team size requirements as NG has more server resources.
    For now, though, effort needs to be put into testing mobile clients, and seeing what can be done to improve the experience android users. Also, penalise cheaters more heavily, or make known exploits freely available so we're all fighting on a level playing field.
  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 616
    Any update on GW at all? Hope all is going well on the programming side @Vane.
  • kkrockskkrocks Member Posts: 9
    happy to help beta test! thanks for all you do to keep improving our experience!
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    Back to GW again. Any news @Vane ?
  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 525
    I'll join this necro thread, as a general of GW for a series of guilds who couldn't manage the chaos induced by NG.

    1. GW represents the next year of the evolution and relevance of this game.
    The show is over, and even season missions didn't really spark years-long players. Too easy.
    Ya could actually make the grind interesting (briefly) by repurposing other maps. (Search my posts.)
    But the AMC money is gone, as is the salience: we're hanging around a guttering campfire while the rest of the party is driving to the next beach party.

    What you have left is a unique game mode that uses your engine and design to change everything about how your players use their nerds and resources.


    2. You have introduced a game mode in which (a) wealth to heal, (b) latency across your tech stack, and (c) the coordinated implementation of tools outside of your game [discord, etc]:
    Affords advantages to those who least require those advantages.
    I'm all in favor of virtuous spirals!
    But in WAR (as 'sport'), nobody gives a fuck about watching titans crush daisies. Them titans might even be mildly embarrassed as they collect their loot over the bleeding corpses. (I have been.)

    3. In summary, as someone who is LITERALLY only playing to keep my guild happy and wait for why they hired me (gw General): JUST LET IT FLOW!!
    Yeah, it's fucked.
    Yeah, Android can suck it: buy Jobs.

    But damn, y'all! The game has been boring for about two years, and now it's not.

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    While I didn't like GW as it initially launched, I learned to appreciate it as time went on and they made improvements. It led to The Distance being changed to being once a week which for me works better and fills that gap between Monday and Wednesday where there is no challenge. I enjoy GW and I'm hoping it will return bigger and better than ever. Co-ordinating GW battles with the guild is the one thing that could be a bit better, even the best intentions guild can find it harder to get everyone on at one time.
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    Guild wars please
  • RenopwnsRenopwns Member Posts: 139
    Haven't spent money or hardly even logged in at all because of no news about GW. I finally got nostalgic and had to come wreck the challenge this week but the game is getting stale, outside of them figuring out new uses for old maps. That's the ONLY thing they have going right now. @Vane give us a bone man
  • L2wannabe3L2wannabe3 Member Posts: 12
    So no news then?!
  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 807

    So no news then?!

    @Fluxxx has talked about this in the forums recently and from his words we can glean that:

    - The next game update is likely to be in the latter part of September.
    - The goal is to have Guild Wars back as a game mode, but there are many factors and resources involved that may or may not fully come together to make that a reality.

    I'd think that it would be fair to bring this topic up to him again in the beginning of September to see if he has a better sense of where things are at.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,284
    edited August 2019
    Dear @Fluxxx can you make any comment at all?

    A ) Guild Wars is being actively worked on for a big comeback

    B ) Guild Wars is coming back, but we're really not sure yet when or in what final format it will take. And most of us look at it as that unfinished project in the garage that we'll get around to "someday"

    C ) Guild Wars as we knew it is dead, make your peace, pay your respects, move on

    D ) If you tell us anything at all, the bosses will murder you in your sleep.

    Just curious man. The silence is deafening.

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    Super stoked can’t wait for this to come back...
  • doveydovey Member Posts: 48
    @Fluxxx I do hope NG is planning to tap some of the regular players that employ both iOS and Android platforms for beta testing GW to provide feedback and bug reports rather than using in-house players. While this small group may not provide server load testing, which was a problem previously, I would think it would produce a larger landscape for rooting out a wider range of possible problems. JS.
  • TheWizEdTheWizEd Member Posts: 63
    I think players are getting tired of waiting for GW to come back. Our guild had a great recruitment while waiting but some of those players have left the guild and the game entirely.
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