Guild Wars Temporarily Postponed

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Hello everybody!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in Test Wars and helped us to gather information on the current state of Guild Wars feature!

We have been going through the results of Test Wars over the last week and discussing next steps within our team. Based on our own review and player feedback, it appears that while Test Wars ran quite smoothly for some players, others have experienced a number of issues that are unfortunately still present in Guild Wars.

Currently, we feel that Guild Wars is not exactly at the quality where we want it to be. With that in mind, our team has made a decision to spend more time on debugging and improving the Guild Wars experience. While we are working on these issues, we feel that we can achieve the most fair and least frustrating experience for our players by not running Guild Wars events for now. This means that Guild Wars will not be running during the next several months, while we are working on improving it.

There are several points worth mentioning here:

- Until Guild Wars are back, we are going to remove Guild Wars Gas rewards from other areas of the game (removed from the Challenge starting from April 17th, removed from the Distance starting from April 22nd, removed from the ads immediately). You get to keep your Guild Wars Gas until Guild Wars are back.

- Rewards that were announced for the new season of Guild Wars will be redistributed to other game modes. More information about that will be available later!

- Reinforcement tokens were planned to be one of the rewards that would be available in the new season of Guild Wars. Instead, we will begin to offer Reinforcement Tokens in other game modes starting from version 3.3, together with some additions to this feature (Reinforcement tokens will not be sold until that time). Version 3.3 is currently planned for some time in June.

Thank you for playing Guild Wars during the last several months and for providing your feedback and input. As soon as more information about Guild Wars is available, we will make sure to communicate it to you.

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