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1000 GW gas is the cap. Don’t buy excess by accident and No I didn’t make that mistake lol


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    Well, someone lied to me lol.
  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 960
    @SCBMA do you have more than 1000 guild wars gas?
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    Yes, I have 1,015 gallons.
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    @SCBMA thanks for responding about that, my GW gas from distance didn’t register and i was at 1000 so the 20 didn’t add. I didn’t know anyone else was near 1000 to confirm.
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    @SCBMA could you by any chance inbox me a better screen shot I could use to get my ticket resolved? Thanks 👍
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    I will post here because I think you are correct, something is not adding up. I thought I also was missing my red gas from the Distance last week (April 11) and the cap was 1,000 but I didn’t have a screenshot to prove it. So I purchased 15 gallons just to test the theory.

    That took me to 1,015 gallons. But after that, I played the Distance again and should have received 20 more gallons (I don’t have a screenshot). Then I received an additional 5 gallons from the in camp cinema and that did not add, I am still at 1,015 gallons.

    So, it looks like “winnable” gas is capped at 1,000.
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    Final screenshot, please let me know what you find out, I would like my red gas back too.

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    @SCBMA ok thanks to our collective information I have used that to gather a response. Apparently from support ticket you can purchase beyond 1000 gas however you cannot collect free gas throughout the game over 1000 if that makes sense LoL. Useful info for all to know at least but I’m “Sol”
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    @SCBMA that is the response I got from NG through a ticket I sent in and I 100% agree with you. I’ve reset the distance at least the last 8-10 times to acquire that additional 200 GW gas approx.
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