Incorrect XP (very apparent in fire in the hole)

JKPJKP Member Posts: 4
I’m using Maggie lead with gold training gear, shooting every spawn of the explorer walker for ~3k XP each. I get ~1k on the regular walkers. In “Fire in the hole”, when I exit the level after killing more than 20 exploder walkers (expect ~60k xp total) and around 50 regular walkers (~50k xp) my base XP awarded is somehow only 22k, with 10k as a trait bonus for a total of 32k, not quite a third of what shows up as earned XP from each individual kill. This has happened on several rounds now. This may also be affecting other maps but it’s most obviously flawed here where I kill an explorer every turn.


  • ZetteZette Member Posts: 316
    what's happening is the explosion is killing them instead of ur shot. look at the damage that the exploder can take before u shoot at it then watch for how much damage ur shot does...the 1st flash of red damage is ur damage, the 2nd flash of red damage is what the explosion does. if that 1st flash of red is not greater than his health, it's the explosion that gets the credit. this is the reason ur xp's dont add, BUT imo, if ur not getting credit for the kill, the 3000 or so xp SHOULD NOT flash up! they already know about this situation and i think it's lazy and very misleading to not have fixed this already! if the xp's flah up, they should be counted! it's false advertising and leads to people playing the mission longer they should when they're thinking they get the xp's.
  • JKPJKP Member Posts: 4
    Thanks Zette. I think you’re absolutely right. It’s the XP showing up that made me think I should be getting the credit.
  • ZetteZette Member Posts: 316
    Ur welcome! And it kinda sucks that it's been a known issue for 2 years and think of all the new players that don't realize it...
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