Connection Issues.

LasherLasher Member Posts: 34
For the last 3-4 weeks now the game has consistently had connection issues. I'll load the game and anywhere from 10 seconds into loading the game up to 5 minutes, sometimes it'll say reconnecting and it'll be fine after 2 seconds with no set backs, most of the time however it reconnects and sets me back several minutes forcing me to replay missions over and over, making progression difficult and slow.

Is it possible to get an ETA on when this might be fixed, assuming it's currently a known issue and being worked?


  • LasherLasher Member Posts: 34
    Still got mad connection issues, game is constantly reconnecting and setting me back. Frequently happening up to 4 times per each mission. Please fix this :(!
  • wrinkled_bagwrinkled_bag Member Posts: 656
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    What do you expect when you play the game on a unsupported device ?
  • LasherLasher Member Posts: 34
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    @wrinkled_bag Someone else in my guild has the same issue including when using my mobile phone via the official app. On top of that, a mate of mine who also plays via his phone / emulator has no issues which means it's not due to the emulator.
  • SCBMASCBMA Member Posts: 2,141
    As Wrinkled_Bag already pointed out @Lasher, emulators are unsupported devices so NG isn’t going to look into that issue for you. As a matter of fact, it’s against the forum rules to even be posting about that.
  • LasherLasher Member Posts: 34
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    As I've mentioned mate, it's happening when using the official app on the mobile. And a lot of mobile app games are even sponsored by emulators, not sure why it's frowned upon here really. Nevertheless, I'm respecting the rules of the forums, but as it's a game issue, I figured I'd include it in the response, as well as noting that it's not just the emulator but the official version on the phone. Also to note this has only recently starting happening. I've had the emulator to play the game on the PC for a while now.
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