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I've tried using Critical Chance in Badges. (Legendary). But it usually drops the Strength of my Hero/Survivor. What does critical chance trait mean? What does it do? How does it help. What class of legendary survivors get the benefits from this trait?

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    Deadheads said:

    WellyLuga said:

    I agree, there's a place for critical chance in the game. Especially since the release of razor, as mentioned previously a warrior charge attack is not guaranteed critical hit and instead is only 20% plus whatever lucky you have. A critical chance badge can really bump your numbers up.

    Agree, but would you really replace a % damage, % health or DR badge with a CC one? All my warriors have some combination of those three.
    3 damage is the priority so that would remain. If I was thinking of putting CC on any survivor it wouldn't be one that has DR or health on. It would be 3 damage, 2 crit damage and 1 crit chance. I'd drop a little bit of max damage potential if it meant that most of my attacks were critical attacks. For instance, on a warrior with 3 damage and 3 crit damage, if you don't get a critical attack the 3 crit damage badges do absolutely nothing so it's worth having IMO.

    I had quite a lot of success with a 3 damage, 2 crit damage and 1 crit chance setup on Rick. If razor triggered on an attack more often than not it would be a crit and it would do massive damage, he lost a little on charges but it meant he would 1 hit regular walkers up to RSL40/41 with nearly every attack that razor triggered on :smile:
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    Had to stop grinding to check this out. Thank you all for all your responses. I had associated critical chance with Damage Reduction. In that CC gave the strike from an opposition a chance of it not being critical. Now, I'm educated just in time for warrior action on this next challenge, I will be pulling some changes in my badges. I get the drift that CC is good for Gold Razor and Gold stabbing. I think the dodge is okay for some close action with certain hunters and warriors. I use bullet proof for my bruisers and hunters in the outpost. I find BP helps with facing assault damage. Just my opinion. But all three of these mentioned are not the traits one would want in higher levels. So they are a little lame. Agreed?
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    I would never replace DR and/orHealth with CC badges or disturb a 4 set, but I will try to replace CC in my range weapons when I see a better fit. Frankly I really don't see how CC helps any of my warriors except for a 4 match. I got 4 DRs in one session and have not gotten another in months, only Legendary CC. DRATS!!!
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    Yep I know the struggle. CC is a pain sometimes.
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    This weekend will be component swap time. So I will have to use some cans to gamble on badges but that will be only after I achieve the last 4 mil to upgrade council to 25.
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    Oh lord. You're at end game, where the prices are sky high. What materials will be allowed for swaps, as we had metal last time?
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    I saw blankets on FB Dixon"s domain. Not sure, although I've been getting a lot of legendary metal in reward crates. No legendary patches. Some people on this forum swear that it doesn't matter what u use. Its all random luck. I'm not so sure. Metal for sure gets damage patches. and Chemicals got me the last DR but I haven't seen any for couple of months, I used all the metal we got last time.
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    Yh it turns out it's cloth components this time around. I believe it's luck tbh. If you try the same combination of components repeatedly you will get different results near enough each time. Which is a shame cause it makes the different components pointless.
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    Yh it turns out it's material segments this time around. I trust it's karma tbh. In the event that you attempt a similar mix of segments over and again you will get distinctive outcomes close enough each time. Which is a disgrace cause it makes the distinctive segments inconsequential. Youjizz Pornhub Tubegalore
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    @mp7000 you rephrased what I just said... To what end?
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