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Today marks the day that I was able to achieve 1000 stars for the first time since playing. As a note, my survs and heroes average level 20 with 1 pink star and none of my heroes are pinks, my equipment is outclassed on average by about 1 or so levels, not to mention mostly tacky badges across the board and I am player level 53.

This was tough as the odds were stacked against me, until I realised I had been playing wrong for higher levels. Once you reach RSL+6/7, it would do you well to start playing defensive, in particular, playing chicken when you have space to do so.

So for example, in Fire In The Hole, there are three sections, the start where there may be a tank in the shadows, the central section where exploders spawn each turn and the exit section behind a gate.

The way I managed this at RSL+9 was to have Morgan in lead, along with a shooter and a warrior.
I sent the shooter in to pop shots at the tank near the exit, and handle the exploders before opening the fence. Once I cleared the exit out enough, I opened the gate, charged my warrior up and kept leading one or two towards the start of the map to keep clearing a path to the exit. If you can position yourself enough so exploders clear out large groups of walkers, that will assist you greatly, taking care not to get caught in the blast radius also.

My shooter and warrior took a couple slaps and went in to the red, but I had a warrior and bruiser charge saved up and used those to clear out the exit and lead my people to victory.

I face much frustration as the challenge gets more intense, but taking time to slow down and try something different may bear fruitful results.

Thank you to @Suckit @Cronus @Carly @Melificent as your videos and advice got me through this slogfest.

With Ka-Boom! Behind us in a few hours... I don't want to see this map set for another year... Over and out.

Dbl Edge DEP!


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    Congrats on your new pb!
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  • Dbl_Edge_DEPDbl_Edge_DEP Member Posts: 109
    Thank you @Carly it was TOUGH! I took so many spankings my people had sore backsides. 😜
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    Congratulations on that milestone! Tactical play needed at the higher levels will make you a much improved player week in and week out.
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    Agreed and thanks Sir. I am still coming to terms with it now. We have Fouled Prison next. I wanna see what heights this will bring.
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