Hilltop Maggie Community Event

VaneVane Community Manager Posts: 228
The time has come to unite your efforts together as a community and fight for the common cause!

In the following weeks, from April 23rd till May 20th (12.00 UTC), you will be able to collect Hilltop Maggie tokens in different parts of the game: for completing Daily Quests, for getting stars in the Challenge, and for going through the Distance missions.

Your GOAL, as a community, is to collect as many Hilltop Maggie tokens as you possibly can during this time!
- If you collect 60 million tokens, everyone in the game will receive 60 Shooter Class tokens
- If you collect 80 million tokens, everyone in the game will receive EXTRA 50 Hilltop Maggie tokens after the community event ends, PLUS the previous reward
- If you collect 100 million tokens, everyone in the game will receive an EPIC Speargun with the following traits: Silver Charging, Silver Destructive, Golden Piercing, PLUS both previous rewards!

Daily Quests: 5 Hilltop Maggie tokens per day
The Challenge: 35 Hilltop Maggie tokens per week (at 80, 180. 300, 450, and 600 stars)
The Distance: 25 Hilltop Maggie tokens per each weekly run (and another 25 if you restart the Distance) (Hilltop Maggie tokens will be available in the Distance starting from April 29th)

If you reach these goals, the rewards will be given out several days after the end of the event (May 20th). We will keep updating you weekly on your progress in this Community Event. Make Maggie proud!

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