Adds Not Loading: Radio tent and Challenge

Dresden45Dresden45 Member Posts: 6
Hiya NML developers and community. I am currently having issues with adds. There are none! I'm not just talking of the 4 free radio tower adds. While playing the challenge I've managed over 1000 challenge stars and I have only got a second crate 4x on day one. One other member of my guild seems to be experiencing similar issues, but everyone else seems fine. It's frustrating playing hoping they will come but they do not. Man I've missed so many gold and silver crates it just keeps pissing me off. So I came here. Im not even sure if this is the correct place for a matter like this. Also I will b asked before a mission to sign in to Google play without having ever signed out. This last update has made my game buggy for the first time. I don't like it. Is this trending and if so what do I do?



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