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    What happens next is so called "pink stars".

    You can say it's lvl but it's not really. Lvl is nr 17 in your case and currently max is 26.
    What you're doing is increasing rarity, not lvl.

    When you upgrade this assault with 500 tokens that'll be your 1st pink star. It increases health and damage and allows you to be able not to bodyshot walkers of higher lvl and also to be less likely to take critical hits from them.

    After 1st pink stars every trait upgrade cost is 500,then 2nd pink star is 1000 tokens. Then every 5 traits again 1000 tokens each and 3rd pink star is 2000 tokens. Then every trait 2000 tokens and 4th pink star 4000 tokens. Now you better sit if you're standing. To get 5th and last pink star it's 4000 tokens every trait and 8000 tokens to get the last pink one.

    Good luck and definitely don't go to high with pink stars with this assault!
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    delete me
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