Porque tiene 2 ataques el explorador

He visto videos jugando con exploradores mi me doy cuenta que tiene 2 ataques en un turno si haberse llenado la carga como es posible que rasgos armas debe tener para conseguir 2 ataques del explorador


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    Yes scouts can have 2 attacks in one turn and it's called swift strike. It can activate when enemy gets killed. It's a trait on a scout weapon and it's also Michonnes leader trait. They both stack together and luck increases its effectiveness.

    Your warrior Matthew has very good traits and with iron skin or strong he would be amazing.

    Your scout unicornio is pretty good to but for my playstyle I'd definitely swap retaliate for power strike.
    Scours most of the time are meant to deal high amounts of damage and reduce threat. So weapon with threat reduction, swift strike and razor would be perfect for maps with spawns. For no spawns razor spear is the best. Badges is all damage and critical damage. There's also different ways to play scouts but I'd focus on this kind of play if you're relatively new and when you gain some experience then experiment.

    In your other thread you asks about "Blacksmiths", that's what translator is telling me but I believe you mean melee?

    If you want to try out melee then remember that razor trait on a weapon is a must have if you're willing to go many lvl up of your survivor lvl.
    Try to use a warrior with damage and damage reduction badges, bruiser with health and damage reduction and scout with damage and critical damage. Attack big groups of walkers with a warrior and let bruiser take hits and hide scout from taking hits and take out high lvl walkers with it.

    There's much more to be said what you can do and how can you play. It's almost as many people, that many ways to play. What I said here is like simplest current meta game that you can try out.

    Good luck!

    Also, we appreciate your curiosity and willingness to improve and I know there's a lot of people here willing to help, but there's no need to create a whole thread for every question. That way you might not get the answers you're looking for.
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