How do guild players get 1800 and above star counts each week?



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    matthias said:

    without spending gold (resseting the distance) there was no way of getting the spear. And i got one 3-space hit bruiser weapen from the chapter storyline long time ago. hopefully with the reinforcementokens i can make it a higher in level because now, it's useless to deal damage. only usefull to stun up 3 enemies at once

    You're right I did reset the distance, but I did not pay out of pocket for gold. I had saved up quite a bit, but nonetheless I have it.
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    I am always good for about 1000-1100 without any spending. Lvel 25, I make sure to reach 8 round passes. Last few rounds I always switch to heavuily optioned melee teams. The zweihander, kingdom spear, and hockey stick are good bets. Might need to get me a pickel jar soon too. I have seen some good videos of Rufus with a pickel jar backed up by 2 bruisers with staff/ hocjey sticks.
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    If you don't want to spend money on Morgan's staff then simply finding a weapon with similar traits will do. As long as it has razor that's all you need, concussion helps as if razor does trigger then it's better if you can stun for 2 turns. Hitting 3 enemies is obviously better than one but there are many maps where you can manipulate the walkers so that you fight one at a time anyway.

    You can use a scout to move a few spaces in front, near to walkers, there will be an alert over the walkers head to let you know which one will come to attack you and you can adjust your position so that only 1-2 come towards you.
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    Did much better & helping members in my guild improve. I know this challenge this week is an old one but any info to improve my score would be helpful.
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    Here is a playlist of mine from 4 months ago. I don't use any new heroes here, there are some 'pay to win' weapons in use but the gameplay hardly depends upon them. Back Alley is a little different as it was all scout raiders back then, team is virtually the same except RGG in lead and you have to be a little more aggressive if the hunter spawns close to you.

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    What they said I don't disagree with,but it varies by challenge who I go with,sometimes depends on special hunter damage,or whatever it is that week,different challenges call for different strategies,I'm not spending money other than the occasional booster and have been on level 36 with level 25 survivors,but not easy to do because of the.healing time,you have to have good to keep going
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    Or just airplane the shit out of levels
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    Thank you for posting that. Still having trouble getting through some of the challenges with all the stars.
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    Some basic tactics in hero traits, decent weapons, weapon bundles help, gold and time. Armors and Weapon traits greatly increase your odds. Solid badges put you on top. These the badges I used.

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    The bruiser hockey stick was available to win during a winter campaign, that hits with an arc of 3. Keep on the lookout for giveaways and become a hoarder of gold for events which all upon you resetting the distance. I always try to hold 1k gold minimum as you never know what might come up.
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    I used 2 bruisers and a scout for the whole challenge with a 7 day gas boosters and had to spend a little gold for healing and got 1992* on last week challenge. 1 bruiser had the hockey stick from the campaign and the other a bought staff and the scout used the spear won in the campaign
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    Nice score. I got only 1100
  • DeadkillerDeadkiller Member Posts: 105
    It blows my mind that there are players getting 2500 or more in the challenges. I look at the leader board & see people reaching almost 3000
  • DeadkillerDeadkiller Member Posts: 105
    Anyone have any strategy for this challenge.
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