New Weapon Idea - Repeating Crossbow!

(I normally post these on a FB guild page for sharing ideas and whatnot and decided to go ahead and share one here. Cut and paste from the FB)

I actually took a lot of time and thought on this idea for a weapon and think I have it figured out!

It’s the Chinese Repeating Crossbow (yes it’s a real thing) and the problem I had with it being a hunter weapon was the OP issue. For a while I decided it might be better for shooters but shooters have been spoiled lately.

My knowledge on the history on this weapon I must confess is limited...all I know is it sacrificed accuracy for quantity and speed, it was also primarily point and shoot rather then pick and shoot. Suffice to say friendly fire was probably an issue.

My idea for the General Tso’s Crossbow (Give me a break, it’s better then Chinese Redneck and more funny) is it grants the hunter class the ability to select and shoot four targets and/or hit a target four times in a row. This will grant the hunter the ability to eliminate targets pick and choose tactically rather then in a straight row shot.

Think about the shooter class and it’s charge ability but without needing the charge and being able to attack four times in a row. Naturally, the damage will have to be increased and the charge shot be removed. Hey, it shoots FOUR times in a row! THERE IN NO NEED FOR CHARGE SHOT!

Anyway...Here it is, another idea that will never happen.

Oh, this guy demonstrates how it works. I sort of want one...but I’m sure I’ll just end up pissing off a moose or bear! XD

End Note - I make up these photoshopped pictures to give a visual description of what I’m talking about, hope that’s alright and I’m not infringing on anything sensitive.


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