*New* Overrun Compound Critique..



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    @Danski_46 I'm too late to help you here, but for future reference: I used stabby Rick, bruiser Glenn, and another Punisher. I stunned and passed charges off to each other. I didn't even bother with the fatties at RSL40+. Cleared the normal walkers and used the Bruisers to open the chests closest to the fatties. Prayed they didn't get stunned (for too long) and ran for the exits.
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    Thanks @JayZ, I did pass it @41 with Stabby tr knife, ps scout spear and bruiser staff. Had to kill everything lol but scraped through and hit 2k for the first time 👍
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    I liked the reworked set
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    Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread.

    @DonCoqui My buddy lost three of his survivors, on a deadly mission, not realizing he could shut those doors. He rage quit, I brought him back after explaining it to him.

    My critique..

    Deathtrap- Pretty clean to get through..
    The Delivery Man- Plus- No Freemen
    Neutral- The Tank spawn box.
    Rat Race- Negative- A bit to long and all the shadow areas.
    Car Crash- Negative- Map a bit too large, considering all you have to do is kill all
    Data Center- Negative- The beginning point, especially with the two tanks locations
    and the three loot boxes.
    Push On- Pretty clean with melee.

    As far as the survivor bonus, Hunter is weak, would be better with a Scout or Warrior buff.

    I wrote these critiques when I was still running ranged survivors (for the XP). After switching over to melee, with Jesus in the lead, I achieved my highest star count.
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