Are new heros we already have really necessary?

I am sooo very close to upgrading my shooter Rick to legendary. But, can't seem to get special call days for him anymore. Survivalist Rick over and over. Rick, Maggie, Glenn, Morgan.... I'm just fine with the ones I have. I would like to keep developing them. It's only my opinion, I understand that. But I would rather have heros we haven't seen yet. Dale, Hershel, Bob, Tyreese, Andrea.... etc. are good examples. Even villains, of the past would be kool. Plenty in there from Garreth to Simon. I'm not saying you have to get 'em all. But there are such a great variety of people to get, why repeat heros that are already in the game?
At least give us a chance to continue build the first round heros....


  • WolfyWolfWolfyWolf Member Posts: 22
    Honestly, they can just create new and unique heroes like Rufus and create some in game lore that gives relevances and even a sense of kinship.

    Personally, I believe the three unique survivors you get at the very beginning should ascend to heroes. Idea I had is these three can be changed to a permanent role later in the game when all classes are unlocked. That or just make them interchangeable at the cost of gold. The entire storyline of No Man's Land was supposed to be focused around these three for they’re (more or less) the players Avatars.

    Anyway, NG can also run a raffle contest to turn ACTUALLY No Mans Land players into in game heroes. Have their ugly mugs (I mean that with sincere humor and not malice) formatted into the game and they become an important part to the NML mythos.
  • ZetteZette Member Posts: 314
    Good luck getting Rick tokens, @tat2hoot! I actually use Rick quite a bit. I always put a pistol with interrupt on him so his luck makes it trigger pretty good. Here's what mine looks like now...
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