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I'll start this by saying I was the one struggling through maps with my melee team in a pre-razor era, enjoying myself whilst most players were blitzing maps with their ranged team. After the no body shot events I remember making a post asking for built in piercing for melee or a similar trait so when it was released I was over the moon. 6 months on though, is anyone else missing the days where you could use 3 different teams for the 6 maps?

Razor has made the game so imbalanced to the point where 90% of maps is Rick, bruiser, bruiser or Daryl, Rick, Glenn. Then when heavy injuries occur it's not like we can call upon our ranged teams because we can now get to such a high level with razor that ranged has almost become redundant.

Can NG look into buffing piercing, removing the innate body shot chance for ranged, giving ranged extra built in piercing or hell, nerfing razor (please try to refrain from hammering the disagree button :lol:). I've spent the last few months slowly building up this unicorn to 9* and it's slowly dawned upon me that despite hunters having 50% damage boost, I've barely used him this challenge :cry:

For everything that you're working on in the game, this is something which needs addressing too IMO. @Vane



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    Totally agree @WellyLuga, ranged are already at a big disadvantage because of no threat reduction . I think somehow cc badges could be made to work for ranged by giving a head shot chance or similar. I've pretty much used melee from the off in this challenge and would like to use my hunters, shooters and assaults at higher levels in future.
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    The razor nerf was mainly mentioned for the Lols. I'd rather them bring the other classes up to the level that melee is at than bring the other classes down. All I know is it's gone from one side to the other! The variety of the classes was what got me so hooked on this game and it seems to have fallen by the way side lately. Just my opinion anyway.
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    The switch was intentional to promote sales and productivity in melee. The time for gunners to shine will come again, once they want us to start favoring guns. Both being good at the same time would be ideal for us as players, but I don't think it's likely.
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    All for making melee viable, but not make ranged obsolete.
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    Fully agree @WellyLuga,
    Piercing and cc badges ‘s ideas are cool.
    And It would be nice if we could have a new hero trait can give ranged some headshots chance.

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    I think changing the values of some traits would probably be an easier fix than NG coding a built in piercing. The changes to CC badges and the sureshot trait are nice too but again it's something that's probably going to take more work.

    What about bumping piercing to 20/30/40 for bronze, silver and gold then silence to 40/60/80. I get that NG needs to make money, they went from pushing Sasha and Abe calls to pushing Rick/Glenn/Daryl calls. Why do we have to yo-yo between the two and instead have it so that both ranged and melee are equally viable at any level?
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    Balancing is hard. NG is known for overshoot... Same old same old.
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    edited May 13

    Balancing is hard. NG is known for overshoot... Same old same old.

    No I don't imagine it's easy for a second. I just worry as the main things they have planned coming up (that we know of) is the Dragon's tongue which functions similarly to the kingdom spear and the musket which basically turns our scout into a part time hunter so the gap is only going to get larger :lol:
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    And on the long term, balanced game means worth investing in several heroes or survivors which automatically generates money. For melee and ranged.
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    The Winter Bow and Sasha's leader trait in the Distance are really the only times I ever use ranged any more.

    I wouldn't want melee to suffer, but it would be great if ranged Piercing got a boost or if more weapons like the Winter Bow and Pickle Jar were released.

    Maybe then all of these badges won't go to waste...

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    @JayZ Is that last one Abe with 95%+ DR, plus DS? Some killer badges there!
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    @WellyLuga I never agree with your posts because your brain is small and you smell but today I do. I miss using my ranged team and when I got Sasha to her 2nd pink star it was such a anti-climatic moment. A boosted piercing, or perhaps adding Otis who never misses children when he shoots dear would be nice.
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    @WellyLuga Haha, yeah. Some of those DR badges are a bit overkill, and I might swap one out for an epic or a rare badge so that I can toss the legendary one on another survivor. I've been waiting for a better damage badge in the top left, but haven't had much luck.
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