I need help with building an RPG. FOR THE NEW START

i have used Daryl, with too many crit chance badges so far. wondering what the best way to max the 1 hit from RPG. is Daryl my best choice? i only need 1 crit chance (instead of current 3 lol). so what mix of crit damage and str8 damage should i use if my only goal is max the RPG crit hit?


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    I think your best bet is to use it on a hunter with sureshot and lucky. Those two traits plus the innate 10% crit chance will mean you're about 80% without a badge. I can't remember whether the RPG has the accurate trait but if it does then that will put you at max. Then you can just badge with 3 damage/crit damage badges.

    It would be better if that hunter didn't have ruthless or revenge as neither of those traits would be of any use on a RPG build.
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    Here’s an example of my RPG user. Only two wasted perks is Revenge and Bullet Doge. I’d rather have Defensive Stance and Lucky.

    The badges are sadly inferior at the moment but I plan to replace them with better in the future.

    Anyway, in my honest opinion you need a hunter who has these perks all in a row (not perfect row, I mean just having this perks an nothing else):

    • Sure Shot
    • Marksmen
    • Iron Skin
    • Lucky
    • Defensive Stance

    With badges, I’d focus entirely on nothing but damage and critical damage boosting. The main reason for ever using the RPG is to quickly take down Tanks and Armored Walkers, otherwise the user is wasted space due to the 2 turn wait. The RPG Hunter is your trouble shooter with difficult high health and defense walkers.

    Anyway, that’s my take on building a RPG Hunter. I need to get a new one but the draws have been not favorable lately, so for now Boomer is my trouble shooter and so far he’s done the job.
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