Z Reborn - fill our slot!

Lord_SiLord_Si Member Posts: 83
If you find the word slot amusing, or just enjoy getting stars, chat and are up for a bit of GW when it returns, join us in Z Reborn! Higher levels (65+) preferred and commitment to level x 10 stars per challenge.

We are an independent and experienced guild. Activity, contribution and loyalty count, but we don’t boot if real world occasionally gets in the way as long as you shout out in chat.

And there are crap jokes. Lots of crap jokes.


  • hardmanhardman Member Posts: 18
    And there is a smeghead!
  • Lord_SiLord_Si Member Posts: 83
    Every guild needs one! And a Hardman too of course
  • Dead_End_RoadDead_End_Road Member Posts: 1
    Can't go wrong with a crap joke.
  • leisurefixleisurefix Member Posts: 4
    Get with the Smeg for some bizarre chat. Guild is still casual, but half the guild are regularly 1k+, so join us if you want the rewards but not the hardcore player pressure
  • Lord_SiLord_Si Member Posts: 83
    Best of both worlds!
  • billbraskeybillbraskey Member Posts: 48
    Still need that slot filled...

    Poop jokes aren’t my favorite jokes. But they’re a solid #2.
  • Lord_SiLord_Si Member Posts: 83
    And that’s the standard you’d need to reach if you join us...come on over if that kind of challenge doesn’t scare you
  • Lord_SiLord_Si Member Posts: 83
    Still managing UK top 20 with just 17 members, join us!
  • hardmanhardman Member Posts: 18
    Let me in!
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