Nation Wars Part 3!



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    It is time-consuming, both ways. I'd argue the difference between current setup and looking at country leaderboards isn't that big of a difference.

    My point is about week leaderboards being available. No need to be ignorant about that. It is different now, if you can't even acknowledge that...

    I'll cry myself to work now, you're such a meany.
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    @Killdozer187_ I hear they aren’t having virtual trophy this year but it’ll be a real one but you have to travel to @buchizombiebreath house to pick it up 😀!
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    xbamfx said:

    Is it hard to figure out that if* you are not in the main TEAM USA guild you still have to go through manually and add all 20 up? And then you have to constantly update it, if you want to keep a running tally and let all nations know what is what. I wouldn’t want to be the poor bastard that has to do all that bullshit tracking and not fighting hard for my country.

    You are exaggerating the difference in work in keeping a tally.
    Before the update, tracking the score would be very time-consuming. I understand, I've seen it (sceeenshots blabla and such etc..).

    This time around things changed. Not even said its super easy now or anything like that. Not claiming I will be missed. Just ideas and conversations, don't be an asshole about it.
    In fact you will be missed @jimmorrison369. It's not like we have hundreds of top players like our American friends.
  • Richard_1Richard_1 Member Posts: 2
    I am trying to get in team USA but can't find it to join
  • aquilaaquila Member Posts: 249
    > @Richard_1 said:
    > I am trying to get in team USA but can't find it to join

    Teams picked their highest scorers earlier and started the challenge already. You can't join now @Richard_1 , maybe next year if you can qualify.
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    Huge Congrats to Team Germany 🇩🇪
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    Uuuuuuu yes yes yessss
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    So who won?
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