Survivor attacking themselves

raydamanjonesraydamanjones Member Posts: 2
I did a search and didn't see this. i just had a really odd exp. i was done with the mission and heading towards the exit when my bruiser Morgan stopped and hit himself, stunning himself. i cleaned up the walkers near him so he wouldnt die, but when he got un stunned, he stunned himself again. i tried to take a screen shot, but not sure if it really captures whats going on.


  • raydamanjonesraydamanjones Member Posts: 2
    so... i was talking to a guild mate and he said he had an issue where one of the freeman / whisper was invisible and kept hitting him and he couldn't target him. i thought since my bruise was stunned he was stunning himself, but it could be the freeman was invisible. i also had an issue where the freeman was struggling with a walker and as i walked past him he was still able to hit and stun me.
  • OohbabyOohbaby Member Posts: 48
    Distance L17 Deployment zone. I was running to the exit using Sasha in lead, Old Rick and a gold shooter. I paused at the green zone and took one last round of shots to charge everyone I could and Sasha shot herself and set herself on fire! She was at least 3 spaces from the closest walker. Hmmm
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