Distance exit bug

TeherrorTeherror Member Posts: 31
I was playing the distance in "The Pit" ..I think it's a glitch ...
My Jesus and Rick ran off . Like they were going to the next mission. And left my scout there to die on the exit line. Zombie started chasing my Rick and Jesus . Hitting them off screen where I couldn’t get to them I had to kill the scout off.. :s


  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 296
    I'm sorry, ... but I would love to see a video of that! :#
    I would have been so mad! :s
  • TeherrorTeherror Member Posts: 31
    I have the video on it..
    Do you have Line App..
    My line ID is teherror
  • TeherrorTeherror Member Posts: 31
    Here's a screenshot of it ..
  • rumcajz69rumcajz69 Member Posts: 1
    I think I hit the same bug just now.
    Distance mission objective was to kill 10 walkers.
    In my turn, I completed the objective, and had 2 survivors in the exit zone.
    In the Walkers turn, one of them grappled with a survivor in the exit zone.
    In my turn, I moved my third survivor into the exit zone. The two ungrappled survivors then ran off, leaving only my grappled survivor. I had to flee (sacrificing him), though maybe I could have skipped two turns to see what happens..
    A better solution would be either all survivors run away (even if grappled, and scenario is completed) or none run off while a survivor is grappled (have to kill the grappling walker to complete the scenario).
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