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If your Country doesnt Show Up Here feel free to create an own thread!

If you need Help please contact me here
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I will Help you step by step to organize your Team!


  • teo79teo79 Member Posts: 5
    Hello, I'm looking for a Greek team, and how do I join?
  • MematiMemati Member Posts: 2
    @buchizombiebreath I would like to have a Turkish Team. HELP !
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,040
    @Memati you'd need 20 members that either live in Turkey and /or are Turkish and you'd neet to create a in game guild with them to be able to compete in Nation Wars.
    Guild leaders and all participants definitely would help you finding sufficient number of Turkish participants but I'm afraid it might be too late now, it starts tomorrow and everybody's busy preparing their own team.
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