Issue with the Nation Wars coming up

We where talking in our Guild Chat and here’s the issue.Our Guild has some members from different countries.Guild Wars brought a new interest into the game but Nation Wars is going to cause a riff in our Guild because how can we play as a group Guild when this strategy is putting or Guild family against each other ? It’s causing division instead of unity with our Guild.I’m not a fan of it and very unlikely to participate.Please explain to me how this started from and explanation that Guild Wars was going to be disabled until issues in the game where worked out and then a few weeks later we are informed of this Nation Wars strategy ?
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    I'm not involved in Nation Wars in any way, but I can shed some light on some things for you. \

    First, for the sake of clarity... Guild Wars was a feature that NG released into the game, then put that feature on hold due to a number of issues with it. The initial hope was that they would resolve those issues and reintroduce Guild Wars in a June update. I have no idea if that's still the plan or on track, but @Vane has said that there is additional information coming soon.

    Nation Wars is a completely player organized event for NML. Next Games has nothing to do with it.... they don't make the rules, the players who organize Nation Wars make the rules. Nation Wars used to allow 'virtual' guilds, meaning that you could stay in your current guild and your challenge stars would just be aggregated those of your other countrymen/women to get your country's score. I believe that this is the first Nation Wars that did not allow virtual guilds and required players to join a guild for their country (someone can correct me if I'm wrong). For this reason, some very heavy hitting players have chosen not to compete. Some have never joined a guild other than their current, some don't want to 'lose' the number of stars attributed to their current guild, and others don't want to 'hurt' or 'weaken' their guild by leaving to compete. I'm sure there are other reasons as well. Why was this change made? You'd have to ask the organizers about that. If I had to guess, it was to make the organization and coordination easier (instead of waiting for every player to self report their number of challenge stars, etc).

    With any luck, most of that was correct. Good luck.
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    Our guild family will have as many as 20 players leaving for NW and our entire family is support us. It is a one week blip and will actually give lower level players a chance to move up to higher guilds and compete along side some top notch players who will not be at NW. It is a fun thing as far as our family is concerned and is being encouraged by all.
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